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  1. Biggest tires that I could put on a 1971 CL350

    Tires, Wheels, and Brakes
    Hey everyone, I have a CL350 cafe project going on and I’d like to put bigger tires on it. Stock is 3.00x19 for the front and 3.50x18 for the rear. Id like to at least put 4.0 on the front and 4.5 on the back. Any tips? Thanks.
  2. Hello! New to me 1971 CB350 Candy Gold, rebuilding the carbs now...

    Member Introductions
    Once the kits get here and all the guts are swapped out on the carbs, I need to get fresh tires on the thing... does anyone have suggestions? I've heard good things about Dunlops. I'd like something that could deal with a little bit of gravel road use, but mostly live on the pavement. Or maybe...
  3. Tires Front and Rear Size

    Tires, Wheels, and Brakes
    Didn't see a sticky on this but a post that said you could run a 130/90 on the rear by moving the break bar out about 1/4" or so.... I'm refering to the one that runs parallel to the actual brake linkage. My question, and I want to run a larger tire in rear and front, is can you run same size...
  4. 1979 CM185 Twinstar Tires

    Tires, Wheels, and Brakes
    My head hurts. Front tire is a 3.00-17 (4PR) Rear tire is a 3.50-16 (4PR) Guy at Revzilla Suggested some Avon AM26 Roadriders. For the front he suggested 100/90-17 or 110/90-17 front or 110/80-17 on front. For rear he suggested 130/80-16 or 120/80-16. But looking at various charts and a few...
  5. Nice Pirelli Combo for the 16x18 Tire Setup

    Tires, Wheels, and Brakes
    I found this combo for our bikes in case anyone is looking for a semi-vintage look with a modern spin.
  6. Tire Replacement

    Tires, Wheels, and Brakes
    Hey everyone, I'm in need of new tires on my 1980 Honda CM200T, unfortunately no one makes them, to my knowledge anyway. If anyone knows where I can get new tires that would be excellent, but if not, how should I go about getting new wheels that I could easily find tires for, without having to...
  7. 1978 CB400A Tube Stem size

    Tires, Wheels, and Brakes
    Hello, Tires on bike were from mid 90s but looked like new, needed new ones. Got Dunlop K71 (3.50x19... bike calls for 3.60x19 but can't find those) for the front and Dunlop K80 (4.10x18) for the rear. Tube tires as my comstar rims do NOT mention being tubeless. I'm looking for tubes, I have...
  8. Firestone Deluxe Champion?

    Tires, Wheels, and Brakes
    Hey guys, as the title suggests I'm looking at Firestone Deluxe Champions. I'm pretty new to the motorcycle scene so I don't know too much on specific sizing and "do's" and "don'ts". I have a 1972 Honda CB350 Four which needs new tires. My main question is, I have 18's on front and back, and...
  9. Tire recommendations for 1979 CM400A?

    Tires, Wheels, and Brakes
    I started researching tires for the 79 CM400A and I am having troubles. Some folks are calling for tube tires, some tubeless (it's got tubeless on the Comstars now), I can't seem to find a matched set, a lot of the recommendations I have found are obsolete and no longer made or the links are...
  10. New Tires for a CB450 Nighthawk ??

    Project Logs
    Hello All, Just wanted your collective feedback on new tires for my 1985 CB450SC Nighthawk. The stock Bridgestone Spitfires are in need of replacement and I was trying to decide if I should just continue with new Bridgestones or possibly switch to a Dunlop 404 tire. If anyone has experience with...
  11. 1968 CL-350 - Replacing Tires

    Tires, Wheels, and Brakes
    Hey everybody, been searching around and cannot seem to find good results with the numbers I have on replacing my tired on my CL-350. I read off the tires and from the manual that it has a 3.00 - 19 front, and a 3.50 - 18 rear. Typing those into tire sites does not really yield any solid info...
  12. What size tires can i use

    Tires, Wheels, and Brakes
    Hey so I'm building a 74 cb200. This is my first build. I'm trying to figure out how wide of a tire i can put on the bike (front and back) I know that when i go bigger than stock, it will actually decrease the amount of SA of tire in contact with the ground. I'm a very slow driver so I'm not...
  13. Shop equipment advice

    Tires, Wheels, and Brakes
    Just got a '72 CB 175 - my first bike! Runs and is in mostly good working order, not bad cosmetically either. Some maintenance and minor repair work required which I'm marginally confident I can do. Tires are in pretty iffy shape so my question is this - I'd like to take the wheels in to the...