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  1. Ignitech Settings for a CB400T

    Electrical Issues
    Hello Everyone, First as a long-time forum stalker I justed wanted to send out a big 'thank you' to the entire community here for the invaluable information this forum has provided in getting these old bikes running in top shape. My CB400T would still be sitting in pieces in my parents back...
  2. 71 cb350 timing issues?

    Mechanical Issues
    Hi y'all, I check this site frequently but this is my first post. I bought the bike about a year ago, it's my first bike. That might be the problem. Over the winter, I attempted a rebuild, which included electronic ignition from CMC. The shockwave ignition system. Upon first assembly, I...
  3. CB200 B Disc Engine turns but wont start (video's available)

    Engine Discussion
    Hello all, ive been digging through this forum but couldnt find exactly what I was looking for (because I dont know exactly myself haha). I have finally gotten the opportunity to find a house with a barn that gives me the opportunity to learn more about engines (that I like but have very little...
  4. XL350 Timing Issues

    Electrical Issues
    Hi all, This is a single cylinder bike, but the ignition is pretty much the same as the one on my CL350 so I'm asking about this problem here. I recently picked up a 1978 Honda XL350 for $800. It wasn't running when I got it, but I recently rebuilt a CL350 so I figured this wouldn't be an...
  5. Can’t set ignition timing correctly

    Engine Discussion
    I’m having trouble setting the timing correctly. I’ll set the left cylinder perfectly, lock it down, then check it again. Still dead on. I set the right with the same process. Get it perfect, lock it, and check it. When I get the right cylinder timed perfectly, the left cylinder timing changes...
  6. Cam Timing & 219H cam chain vs 219T

    Engine Discussion
    Hi everyone, Over the past few months i've been rebuilding a CB500T motor. The process has gone really well overall. I've done a lot of cb550/650/750 motors and then a handful of the cb/cl350's but this was the first time i torn down and completely rebuilt a DOHC Honda twin. I have my motor...
  7. SL350k0 Started Running Poorly today - Mid RPMs

    Miscellaneous Discussion
    This morning on my way to work my SL350 started running very poorly at mid RPMs. It idles fine, and runs great (like it always has) above 5000 RPM. Under 5k (and above 2-3k or so) the engine sputters and chokes, and sometimes only runs on 1 cylinder. With the bike in neutral, just revving the...
  8. Engine won't start, timing 90 degrees off when setting dynamically

    Electrical Discussion
    Background After having my 69 CL350 sit for a couple months due to a full carb rebuild where I got the float height too high causing carb flooding, I finally got it back on the road and it was running great with new battery and properly set up carbs! Note that I did not touch the timing...
  9. CB350 Backfiring Trouble-Shooting

    Electrical Discussion
    Hey guys I've been messing around with my '73 CB350 for a while now and every time I more a little forward with getting the bike in running condition I seem to find a new problem. I will give the story of the this never ending battle. Bought this CB350 about 2 years ago, didn't run when I...
  10. Ignition timing problems

    Electrical Discussion
    Hey, So this may turn out to be a stupid question and I was just making a simple mistake but, I am having problems with setting the points on my '73 cb350. I am used a feeler gauge to get the points get the timing generally correct, and now I am using a test light to get the timing perfect...
  11. Soft popping/backfiring out of left exhaust. Where to start?

    Miscellaneous Discussion
    '76 CB360. A newb and trying to learn as much as I can. Im trying to figure out what is causing some popping out my left exhaust. The popping isn't like a loud backfiring and is relatively soft but noticeable. I noticed it after I had recently filled up on 85 octane and thought maybe that was...
  12. Cd175 more electrical questions

    Electrical Discussion
    I picked up a 67 cd175 last year. The engine was moderately taken apart. I got it all back together and had it running a little for a few mins. Finally checked the compression and it was very low so I had the head rebuilt and put on new rings and just got it back together again. I also replaced...
  13. CB350 Broken Spark Advancer Pin

    Engine Discussion
    Hey all, My engine hadn't been running very well recently, so I decided to clean up the points. In doing so, I also replaced the beat up screws used to lock the points down with metric hex bolts. I tried to kick start the bike, and there was an incredible resistance. It turns out that replacing...
  14. Need advice - build is done except for stretched advancer springs

    Engine Discussion
    Hi all, hope you're staying cool. Long story short, I rebuilt my CB450k6 engine and it's running well except for today I determined that my spark advance unit's springs are finished. I've been having problems getting it timed properly and having some pops from the right intake so I've been...
  15. 1971 CB175 Sputtering & Bucking at full throttle

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    This should be simple but.......My Cb175 was not running when I bought it so I don't know anything about it's history. That being said, the compression is even on both cylinders, the bike starts/idles fine and pulls well up to about half throttle or so. At WOT though, it spits and chokes at all...
  16. Replace? Or sand?

    Electrical Discussion
    These are my current points.. Been cutting out at lower speeds on me and they look pretty bad. Should I replace them or just sand them a bit and recheck timing? Newbbbb:???:
  17. Alternator cover question

    Electrical Discussion
    Im taking off the alternator cover to install a new gasket to hunt down an oil leak, do I need to reset the timing/ set the points because of this? (what I assume is) the alternator slides off with the cover, so that's why Im asking. Thanks! Regie Sorry if this has been discussed before...
  18. 1975 cb500t cam timing marks and any local honda mechanics?

    Engine Discussion
    Hello. I won a Honda cb500t on ebay. I thought i would be out bid. I wasn't. The motorcycle was not running. I disassembled the whole engine. My first mistake was i didn't check and remark the timing marks before i took it apart. Missed that little detail in the manual. I think i have found the...
  19. How can i set the timing on a 1978 CM185T?

    Manuals and Technical Documents
    Hey everyone, I've been looking everywhere for a manual i can download but everyone seems to have the same problem. I took the engine and transmission apart and fixed some stuff so now all i need to know is how to set the timing for a CM185 or CD185 (same engine) maybe the 200s and 250s and...