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timing advance

  1. Engine Discussion
    so.. according to Common Motor Collective's tutorial on how to set ignition timing, I think i have my cam 1/4 turn off. can anyone help diagnose. my bike, Gwenn is set at TF and the blue light turns off, but the cam dot is 1/4 turn different than the tutorial on Common's video. Help...
  2. Tune Up
    Late 60's early 70's Honda CB CL SL 350 450 twin cam chain tensioner adjustment tutorial. Honda 350 450 twin timing advance unit inspection and repair tutorial. Everything is right but bike won't run or no air leaks and your bike still won't idle down? This will fix it. Set dual points...
  3. Electrical Discussion
    I have a simple question and I think I know the answer i just need confirmation. On the advance there are 2 notches one on the front and another on the back, are they supposed to line up? And if they aren't would the bike run at all? I've attached some photos to help clarify it better. Thanks!!!