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  1. CB 400 TII Hawk throttle cable re-routing issue

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    So I had ACL reconstruction surgery a couple weeks ago and since I won't be able to ride for awhile I've been doing some TLC on the Hawk. I swapped stock handlebars to ones with lower rise (+4" rise to 2.4" rise) and found that not only do the long cables bind, but the PO had criss-crossed the...
  2. Sticking Throttle

    Non-Model Specific Honda Twin Topics
    Hey All, I just replaced my carbs with a Mikuni kit that I bought from Power Barn. I bought the throttle cables that should already be cut properly for a stock 1970 CB350. After routing the cable, as properly as I understand how, the throttle gets stuck at full. After testing several...
  3. CB350 throttle cable replacement

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    Hi all, does anyone have tips for removing the throttle cable from the carbs. Is it necessary to remove the carbs to do the job? Thanks Seebee350
  4. 1976 CB200T Throttle cable is out of control!

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    Hello guys, I'm working on a 1976 CB200T. The previous owner had the slides in the wrong carbs. I've got them oriented correctly now and on the correct sides of the bike. I dialed in the idle-stop and idle-air mix screws and it was running fantastically, idling around 1400 RPM. I started to...
  5. 1984 CB400N Throttle problem

    Frame, Suspension and Steering
    Hi folks I have a 1984 CB400N with clip-ons (Cafe Racer style). I had a problem with a temperamental starter button so took clip-on off the forks, removed the throttle and brake lever assembly (as this give more flexible movement when off the clip-on). I removed the top plastic cover of the...
  6. Throttle cable TENSION adjustment?

    Frame, Suspension and Steering
    Just had to have my throttle cable replaced because it snapped while out on a ride. Picked it up today and the tension on the throttle is really light now. Like almost feels like a toy (if that makes). It otherwise seems to be working fine but I'm SO used to having more tension on it. I know...
  7. Installing push/pull cables on CJ360t. How do I do this?

    Frame, Suspension and Steering
    I've always had an aversion to cables. Brake and derailluer cables on bicycles. Ugh! I don't nknow what is wrong with me. I just don't get them. Anyway, my question is...How the hell do I get these cables back on? I had put the throttle housing together and then tried to attach them to the...
  8. CB200 Throttle Cable Lengths

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    Hi all, I've been having a problem with my idle speed, but I believe I have narrowed it down to my throttle cables. My left carb does not fully close with throttle, right carb works proper. I disassembled the throttle cable and discovered that the left cable, after the splitter, is too short...
  9. New member, first bike, 82 Nighthawk, bizarre throttle cable fit issue

    Member Introductions
    Hi everybody! I bought an '82 CB450SC Nighthawk about a month ago and was told the carb needed a serious cleaning. I quickly discovered Honda Twins and found it so useful I signed up as well. I'm out in Portland, OR, where there seem to be a lot of people with good knowledge and extensive...
  10. Reconnecting Throttle Cables and Choke for 1982 CB450T

    Engine Discussion
    OK, so I am sure this is supposed to be the easy part of reassembly based on how little coverage either of my shop manuals give to this issue, but .... can anyone send me a photo or two and describe where the 2 throttle cables connect to the carb and how the choke connects? It has been too long...
  11. My 73 CB175 project

    Project Logs
    This is my 1973 CB175K7 project. It has a legit 877 miles but spent most of its life outdoors.