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  1. Miscellaneous Discussion
    Hi, I am doing a "restoration" on a pretty nice original 73 CB350G, it's a very original bike aside from one repaint thats flaking pretty bad now. I will be repainting it in "Iris purple metallic", a color available on a 350G but not original to my particular bike. The proper paint color is 127...
  2. Wanted Parts and Bikes
    Latest project is in the title, figured I’d throw this out there for anyone looking to unload some stuff. Open to anything & everything, but looking for body stuff in particular: fenders, tank, side covers (in orange). Cheers
  3. Fuel Supply and Carburation
    I recently was gifted a 81 CM400T for my first bike. Its in great condition but the tank is filled with rust and there is a ton of holes and poor repair jobs all along the bottom of the tank seams. Can anyone help me with where I could get a new tank that doesn't require a lot of work to make...
  4. Wanted Parts and Bikes
    Recently got a CL350 and it's missing some parts... Looking for a CL/SL350 tank, seat, side covers as well as a stator magnet. Thanks!
  5. Fuel Supply and Carburation
    Hi folks, while cleaning up the underside of my project CB200 tank I found a few solder and bondo/putty patches from the previous owner. A wire wheel popped off one of the patches so I’m assuming the others are weak bonds as well. Friend is a professional pipe fitter with decades of brazing...
  6. Engine Discussion
    Hello! I bought a 1984 cb450 Nighthawk (Canada version, possibly the 1983 model) earlier this year. It started cold, worked great on a test ride, then I put it in storage for a few months (with little fuel, maybe 1 litre). The previous owner told me the carbs were timed very recently. Last...
  7. Fuel Supply and Carburation
    Removing the Gas tank from an old Honda can be a real pain because of the balance tube. Here is a simple solution you can easily do to your bike and never have the problem again.
  8. Wanted Parts and Bikes
    In the middle of a resto and the tank was too corroded to salvage. Need to find a replacement but it seems to be more difficult to find than anticipated.
  9. Fuel Supply and Carburation
    Hello, I am currently looking at buying a 71' CB350 as my first bike. Not sure of the miles yet or what exact model, however, I am just wondering if all of the CB350 (71'-74') tanks are all the same size. I list these years because it is mostly what I have seen. I look at some of the pictures...
  10. Non-Model Specific Honda Twin Topics
    I bought two sl350's a couple of years ago and the guy wanted to get rid of alot of extra parts he had to clean out his garage. One of the items was a gas tank that has an unusual paint scheme on it. The guy I got it from thought that Honda had made a small run of specialty bikes in the late...
  11. Miscellaneous Discussion
    Hey everyone, So I'm a VERY new rider with a '72 CB450 and it recently went down on its left side. It was in 1st when it went down and it didn't fall hard because I was holding the handle bars as it went down and i wasn't actually moving all that much. When I got it back up, there seemed to be...
  12. Fuel Supply and Carburation
    Easy and inexpensive way to fix paint chips and small scratches on your motorcycle paint job. Save your bikes original paint, it worth more that way.
  13. Project Logs
    Hey all - new to this sub and currently in the process of replacing and repainting my gas tank for a CB350. Newbie here: bought the 350 about a year and a half ago - enjoying the rides, but realizing it needs some work. Now's the time to toy with the electrical, fix the muffler (cracked) and...
  14. Wanted Parts and Bikes
    Hi All, My fuel tank has a quite a few dings. Does anyone by chance have a spare one laying around? Mine is functional but for the right price I'd like to put one in better condition on the bike. Thanks!
  15. Wanted Parts and Bikes
    Hey guys, I'm looking for a fuel tank that fits either a 1982 CB450SC or one that fits a 1980 CM400e. My zip code is 29627. Thanks guys!
  16. Parts For Sale
    I have a spare engine for parts only. Already taken apart for top end issues, the PO said. Only thing I can confirm is that it's in pieces. -Side Covers (2 sets) -Rear Tail assembly -CM400T Seats ORIGINAL (1 is perfect, 1 rip on the back but still great condition) -Fenders -Air Box -Extra set...
  17. Wanted Parts and Bikes
    Hi guys I need a replacement tank for my bike as mine is leaking badly beyond repair. Also what other tank would slot straight onto the bike.
  18. Parts For Sale
    bought this from Chad Williams of Costa Mesa last summer ( ) my project has sadly become the bottom of my list with no plans in the near future of using this tank anymore.. Tank is New old stock, original paint (candy ruby red and white), tank is in excellent condition! can ship (buyer pays...
  19. Tips And Tricks
    Hi all, I'm not sure whether this is in the correct forum, if not I apologize. I needed to figure out a way to provide power for my electrolysis tank cleaning endeavor. I have a 'smart' battery charger that only works if I have a battery (drained) hooked up and then run jumper cables to the...
  20. Miscellaneous Discussion
    Has anyone experimented with several fuel tanks on the cb350? other brands as well. I am getting prepared to start a cafe build on my '73 cb350, and am currently leaning towards a Suzuki GS750 tank, but i would like to see photos of other builds that have swapped tanks. I want something bigger...
1-20 of 30 Results