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  1. Headlight and rear tail light died out

    Electrical Discussion
    Hi guys, recently purchased a 1979 CM400t. Earlier I was trying to install rear turn signals but when I was fiddling with the wiring, I noticed when I would bump the wires that connect the tail light to the rest of the wiring the tail light would go out. The previous owner wrapped the wires with...
  2. Getting tail light to turn on when low/high headlight is on

    Electrical Discussion
    How would I go about getting the taillight to switch on a Honda cb350 when the headlight is on? I'de assume the rear running light would be automatic when the headlight comes on but not sure if thats not the case and i would need to rewire something or if there could be a loose connection...
  3. Question on taillight base SL350

    Electrical Discussion
    I am sorting through parts that need to be rechromed and would like to have the taillight base done but I am not sure if the reflector and bulb socket are removable from the base (SL350-K2). Has anyone done this and how is it done? thanks - dave WebRep currentVote noRating noWeight
  4. 1970 CL450 taillight issue

    Electrical Discussion
    I just picked up a 1970 CL450 and it's having an issue with the taillight that I'm trying to figure out.. The taillight comes on when the key is in the park position and when the bike is running without the headlight on, but anytime I turn the headlight on, the taillight turns off. Also, the...