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  1. 72 CL450K Tail Light Issues

    Electrical Discussion
    Hello: I'm new to this and troubleshooting on an old bike is a bit challenging. I have followed some earlier threads that are close to the problem I'm having — My current taillight is not original, it's a recent purchase and styled to look vintage. When all the wires are plugged in, the it is...
  2. 1972 CL350 Tail light issue

    Electrical Discussion
    Okay, The brake light works normally, but the tail light only comes on when the ignition key is all the way to the right. the attached pic shows two open wires (unconnected) running to the rear end, I don't know if that would have something to do with it. everything else electrical seems to...
  3. License Plate Mount & LED Tail Light w/ Indicators for sale

    Parts For Sale
    *SOLD* License Plate Mount & LED Tail Light w/ Indicators for sale (Items sold) Hey-o, Just looking to see if anyone could use these two parts. I purchased them early on in my rebuild and decided to go a new direction with it. TC Bros License Plate Bracket, Axle mount, 20mm, horizontal or...
  4. 73 honda cb450 tail light and headlight wiring issue

    Electrical Discussion
    Recently got my CB450 back from the mechanic, and he mentioned that the tail light wiring was wacky. I discovered the taillight and the low beam headlight don’t work (However the brake light, turn signals and high beam DO work) I’ve attached a photo to see if anyone can spot something obvious...
  5. 78' CB750K taillight won't work except in park and I keep blowing fuses

    Electrical Issues
    HELP! I recently purchased a 1978 CB750k and I am having some crazy electrical issues... With the key turned to ON, my headlight and my oil light indicator work. The turn signals will come on and stay on but won't flash. The turn signal indicator light both work. The neutral light, high beam...
  6. Aftermarket tail light issue

    Electrical Discussion
    1974 cb200. I put new handlebars and updated everything on the handlebars. Switches were new original parts. After market turn signals. All of that works great. Having an issue with aftermarket tail light. Both filaments in bulb light up for brake light when headlights are off. When...
  7. 1970 CL450 taillight issue

    Electrical Discussion
    I just picked up a 1970 CL450 and it's having an issue with the taillight that I'm trying to figure out.. The taillight comes on when the key is in the park position and when the bike is running without the headlight on, but anytime I turn the headlight on, the taillight turns off. Also, the...
  8. Taillight Issues

    Electrical Discussion
    I've been having some taillight issues recently and figured I'd throw it out to the forum for suggestions before I pull out the electrical tools and start really messing things up. When the ignition is at position 2(middle dot), the headlight is on, but no running taillight. The brake light...