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  1. Miscellaneous Discussion
    I have an sl350 k2 which I am finally getting close to completion. In getting the speedo/tach ready I have just noticed that they appear to be from the k1 model. All the pictures I have found show the k2 model have a metal ring around the base and the k1's do not. The pair I have do not have...
  2. Miscellaneous Discussion
    My tachometer is in a bad state. It's all blackened on the inside and the needle bounces erratically. Is it worth restoring? If so, I'd like to try DrHonda's gauge rebuild. Here is the current state of my tach:
  3. Parts Guide
    I just purchased a 1979 CM400T and the PO apparently had some kids break into his house and vandalize the bike. The tank and gauges were damaged, but the rest of the bike is in pretty good condition. It looks like the took a hammer to the top of the tank, and busted out the glass of the...
  4. Fuel Supply and Carburation
    Hi guys. Yesterday my 77 year old Dad helped me dismantle and reassemble the tachometer box on my CB200T (he rebuilt antique cars all his life but never a motorcycle). Background: The reason for doing this was, it was leaking oil from the cable and grommet (No big surprise I hear). Interesting...
1-4 of 4 Results