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  1. Front brake switch absent?

    Electrical Discussion
    I just got a 1978 Honda CB400T II and have a question about the front brake light switch. The rear brake activates the brake light, but the front one does not. Basically, I can't find it anywhere on the brake lever, nor can I find the connectors for it. Looking at the bottom of the brake...
  2. 81 cm400t w/ guts of cm400a neutral switch issues / compatibility

    Electrical Discussion
    Hi there I bought a 81 cm400t with a 400a motor and transmission. When bike is in neutral the indicator doesn't indicate neutral but does when bike is in 2nd gear. I'm thinking it's the neutral switch on the transmission but not 100%. The bike kick starts in neutral but won't fire with the...
  3. Running a relay switch from black wire. Does it matter where I tap into the wire?

    Electrical Discussion
    I have a 69CL450, and I am installing a Relay Switch to run an 1000mA USB (iPhone) charger off of my bike (I found a good one here.) I am tapping into a black (blk = powered on with ignition on) wire near the starter magnetic switch (the upper right corner of the image I have attached) to #86...
  4. Work done this weekend on my 76' CB200T

    Frame, Suspension and Steering
    So this weekend my Dad and I took apart the left hand controls on my CB200T to see about swapping it with one from ebay. I bought one suggested by a forum member online here, but it was not going to work without replacing my stock mirrors with a bar-end type and I didn't want to do that at this...
  5. Replacement Handlebar Switches

    Frame, Suspension and Steering
    Rebuilding a 1974 CB360 i got in boxes and the turn signal switch is non existent and the START STOP switch may or may not work but the 'START' button is completely gone. For the START STOP switch - has anyone had any luck with a switch from a different model bike that would be cheaper than...