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  1. CB360 piston swap from Yamaha XT225 or other?

    Engine Discussion
    I am looking for a set of pistons to go in my CB360, which is in need of being bored out. Any ideas on how well these pistons for a Yamaha xt225 might work in the cb360? They have a bore size of 70mm and the wrist pins have a diameter of 16mm. However, they are shorter in height. In theory...
  2. Honda Fork Dimension & Specs Thread

    Non-Model Specific Honda Twin Topics
    I had this posted in a more specific forum, but it doesn't seem to be getting any visibility there, so I figured it might do better out here in the open. It probably has more interest to smaller bike owners anyway. As I am building my project from the ground-up, I am collecting individual...
  3. Recently built 1978 CB400t and project 1982 CB450 on the go

    Member Introductions
    Canadian who loves to ride (grew up motocrossing) love ironbutt rides too, fell in love with these bikes while spending a few years in China riding various honda or knock off versions (hondu-hundo-hando-henda etc). 1978 Honda cb400 -1980 motor (6 speed) -32mm 78 Carbs -GM coil + 8mm high...