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  1. Frame, Suspension and Steering
    Me again Does anyone know whether there's a steering bearing kit for the CA? I'm looking for a kit because a) mine are shot (I've not seen races with the sort of pitting I'm looking at now) and b) the parts diagram is dreadful: According to this picture, not only are there no race cups...
  2. Frame, Suspension and Steering
    How do I've got the front end off the CA, only to find that the 29mm steering stem nut is frozen solid. I've covered it in penetrating fluid, but it's not doing a great deal. If it's any help, I'm talking about this one: Before I go do something stupid - getting all...
  3. Frame, Suspension and Steering
    anyone know if the steering nut for a K2 (without the threaded hole) will fit a K0 (currently has threaded damper hole). I have this one, but the whole knob damper situation is broken and apparently can't be replaced...
  4. Frame, Suspension and Steering
    I am getting some of the parts on my 71 CB350 ready to be powdercoated. Before I go pounding on anything, I wanted to reach out the forum — any advice on separating the steering stem from the lower triple clamp?
  5. Frame, Suspension and Steering
    Hey Honda Heads, I am going to lower the front end of my 1968 CL350 (33mm fork diameters) by using a 1970 SL350 triple tree (clamp tops, also 33mm). Anyone know if this will work?? I am aware the axle width might be different but i'll get a spacer. This is the trees/steering i bought to use...
1-5 of 5 Results