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  1. 1971 SL350K1stator/rotor upgrade?

    Electrical Issues
    Hey folks! Ive got a 1971 SL350K1 That Ive done a decent amount of work to. One of the upgrades was a LiPo battery and a Trailtech reg/rec. In keeping with Murphy's law, the stator stopped working and the battery dropped down to 7.33v before I caught on. I doubt it can be resuscitated without...
  2. Doubts about my Honda CM 450 82 '

    Hi, I'm Juan Pablo and I'm 18 years old. I am restoring my 1982 Honda CM 450 and I have problems with the connections. From what I see it uses three yellow cables that go to the regulator, they are all in a single connector and there are 5 other cables of which I have no idea what their function...
  3. Electrical or carb problem? CB 175 K6 1972

    Engine Discussion
    Here is a problem that has got me stumped. I have been riding, albeit not too often, this little Honda. I put it together from boxed parts and the help of a student. I rebuilt the carbs which are supposed to be good copies of the originals. Adjustments are on the same side so you need a long...
  4. cb350 Charging Issue

    Electrical Discussion
    Hey guys, I'm new to the page but was hoping I could get some information. I have a 1973 Honda cb350 and the battery is not charging. Bike runs pretty good, bike off battery voltage is idle 12.5v...revved 12.6 v. Battery is new Motobat from Common Motor Collective, rectifier has been...
  5. ‘78 Cb400t, no spark, stator issue?

    Electrical Discussion
    Hi there, So I picked up a Cb400t that hasn’t been registered for 9 years. Guy said he dumped it once because of the sticky drum brake and was too scared to drive it again. It doesn’t have a battery, so I attached an external 12v battery directly to the leads. Electric start fires, but no spark...
  6. Sl350 K2 Stator Cover Oil

    Mechanical Issues
    Hello, I have a 1972 sl350 that I’ve been restoring to running condition. It runs and starts first kick, but there is still a lot of work to do. One of which, being that when I opened up the stator cover to set the timing, oil drained out. Not just a little bit, but the entire oil resovoir (or...
  7. CB500T to CB450 Stator Swap?

    Electrical Discussion
    Hello All ... does anyone know if the CB450 stator is swapable for a CB500T stator? Thanks Bill
  8. Looking For A New Stator! Honda CB Infamy.

    Electrical Discussion
    Hey everyone! I have a Honda CB400A. And lucky for me, my CDI unit went out. As you all know, the CDI units on these bikes are famous for going out. So I’m getting a new one. The only problem is that new CDI’s for this bike are incredibly hard to find. And IF you happen to stumble across one...
  9. CB500T - CB450 Stator Crossover?

    Electrical Discussion
    Hello Gang, Can any comment on whether the stators are interchangeable between the CB500T and CB450? Thanks Bill
  10. '74 CB200 Charging issues!

    Electrical Discussion
    Good evening! I am the owner of a 1974 CB200 with just under 1k miles on the odo. The bike runs and rides great after an extensive carburetor overhaul, however it seems something in the charging system is amiss, as it isn't keeping the battery up. Let's go down a list of everything I've done...
  11. Charging mod blows fuse when key is turned on

    Electrical Discussion
    Hey everyone, I've been restoring a 71 CB450 and the first time I started it up I wasn't getting much of a charge output. So I went ahead and did the charging mod where you plug the two stator coils together bypassing the headlight switch to get full charging output all the time. I did what...
  12. CB160 Charging

    Electrical Discussion
    So in the wiring diagram it says that the brown wire from the rectifier connects to light green w/ red off the crank. Is this correct? The green w/ red trace wire goes to the nuetral switch which im deleting, so could I just remove the green w/ red trace and the brown from the rectifier...
  13. Stator Rewinding Service: Custom Rewind

    Vendor Links
    The stator on my cm400a went out almost two years ago it took me 2 weeks and dozens of phone calls to find a salvage yard in the United States to that had another one. Flash forward to now-this "new to me" stator has gone out. Knowing how hard it would be to find yet another one I looked for a...
  14. 75 cb 360 wont keep charge runs poorly even with new rectifier and stator

    Electrical Discussion
    battery was dying so i tested my rec/stator and they were shot. replaced with ricks high output and new battery. it was running great and i was excited. had some good rides with the gang and a couple of meetings to get to that week and about 7 days later it was running poorly. also id like to...
  15. WANTED: '78-'86 CB/CM 400/450 Stator

    Wanted Parts and Bikes
    I desperately need to find a stator from a '78-'86 CB/CM 400/450 bike. I've been searching all of the PNW and I can't find one. If anyone knows anywhere I can get one, I'd greatly appreciate some info!
  16. Ricks Stator Question

    Electrical Discussion
    Hi Folks, I've got a Ricks Motorsports Stator and rectifier in my CB350 but the Stator coils have just begun to disintegrate and I don't believe my bike is charging so well anymore. I'd like to replace just the stator but it has to be with a Rick's since the stock stators seem to have 4 wires...
  17. WANTED - Stator for Manual Trans '78-'86 CB/BM 400/450

    Wanted Parts and Bikes
    Hi there, My bike is running like crap and I've narrowed it down to being either the stator or the ignition coil. Testing the resistances from the coil and stator looked fine, but I've tried almost everything else that I can think of without having to tear the engine apart. I've been informed...
  18. CycleX 3-phase charging system for CB450's

    Electrical Discussion
    Does anyone have any experience with this kit from Cycle Exchange? Seems interesting as an improvement to stock, or those who have additional electrical loads. It seems this kit applies to bikes that are kickstart only. If anyone has any info or comments, please post! See about halfway down on...
  19. CB350 Case Cover/Stator removal

    Electrical Discussion
    Hi all, I have a 1973 CB350 and I'm looking to pull off the Left and Right crankcase covers to replace the gaskets and possibly paint the covers. I got setup and removed the Rear Cover and the assembly that the clutch cable goes into (not sure what this is called specifically, tips on that...
  20. CM400 bustin' my chops (and engine?)

    Engine Discussion
    Hello folks. Long-time lurker, first time poster. Many thanks for all of the mind-bogglingly thorough information you provide on this forum. I use it almost daily!! I am a newbie and have been slowly working through all the maintenance and little fixes I can with your help on my $500 bike. ('80...