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  1. Wanted Parts and Bikes
    In search of a new Stator cover — Mine appears to have a crack and is leaking oil.
  2. Mechanical Issues
    Hello, I have a 1972 sl350 that I’ve been restoring to running condition. It runs and starts first kick, but there is still a lot of work to do. One of which, being that when I opened up the stator cover to set the timing, oil drained out. Not just a little bit, but the entire oil resovoir (or...
  3. Engine Discussion
    Does anyone know of a place to buy a custom stator cover that would fit the CB500T? Also ... will the stator cover from the 450 (or other model) fit the 500? Thanks guys ...
  4. Engine Discussion
    Hello! I'm new to the Twin forums, but I'm very happy to be a part of the community. let me start by saying that i purchased a CB360 two weeks ago by a guy in louisville kentucky. I reside in Lexington kentucky now, and am a university of kentucky student. When purchasing the bike, it had no...
  5. Wanted Parts and Bikes
    Yes, I know: Join the club. Neverthless: I'm looking for a good CB450 stator cover--the round one, not the one surrounding it--that will fit a 1969 K1. I prefer a model-appropriate one, but will consider anything that fits, doesn't leak, and will polish-up reasonably well. I'm willing to pay...
1-5 of 5 Results