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  1. CB360T will not fire, any ideas?

    Engine Discussion
    With Covid closing everything down this summer, I decided to pull out my dad's CB360T that had been sitting in the barn for nearly 40 years. Externally, it wasn't too bad with rust in some places, but no holes. The engine appears to be in great shape internally, and also has plenty of...
  2. CM400T Starts Runs then Dont

    Electrical Discussion
    I started the CM400 after two weeks of it sitting. It's been modded, but has ran fine till recently. Of course I'm feeling more comfortable with the mods and pushing the bike harder... This is the second time after about 30 min rides this has happened. Coming to a cold stop, at a light or...
  3. 350f not starting after rebuild

    Engine Discussion
    hey y'all, a while back my cb350f was losing power and had a lot of noise from the cylinders. after it died on me i took apart the top end to find that i had a broken piston ring. i changed them out, deglazed my jugs, and put the engine back together. it ran with a sputter, and some backfiring...
  4. Won't start again after running and stopping briefly

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    I have a 1975 CB550K (first bike!) that I've owned about 3 months without issues. 10k original miles when I bought it and I've added another 1000. Here's the problem. My bike starts with the electric ignition first time, pretty much every time. If I ride for about 15-30 minutes and stop, the...
  5. New Member and need help on first bike build

    Member Introductions
    Hello everyone new member here, I just recently got my first bike ever (CJ360T) on a trade for a Go Kart, I was trying to get my bike to run today and first checked to see if I was getting spark, It wasn't so I took the cover for the magneto off to see if it was alright since I had brand new...
  6. Difficult starting after 2+ days of sitting

    Engine Discussion
    I ride my '78 CB400 to and from work everyday, and every day it starts up like a champ on the first try. However, if I leave the bike for 2 or more days without starting it, it takes a lot more work to get it started. I can press and hold the the starter for 5-10 seconds with full choke before...