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starting problems

  1. 350f not starting after rebuild

    Engine Discussion
    hey y'all, a while back my cb350f was losing power and had a lot of noise from the cylinders. after it died on me i took apart the top end to find that i had a broken piston ring. i changed them out, deglazed my jugs, and put the engine back together. it ran with a sputter, and some backfiring...
  2. Cb360t had it started, now it wont. Please Help.

    Engine Discussion
    For all you gear heads out there I need your help, I got this bike a few months ago not running, rebuilt the carbs got a new battery adjusted the valves and put it back together. and it started 3rd kick 5500rpm so after adjusting it down and transporting it, it wont start :( Now Ive takin apart...
  3. CB500T Carb set-up, tuning information

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    Hey brand new to this forum though ive been reading posts for a while. I purchased a 76 CB500T a while back, barn find, great condition, 10K miles on original odometer. The guy before me said he cleaned the carbs but i made the mistake of trying to tune them myself which i dont know how to do...