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starter issue

  1. 72K5 - CL450 Starter Motor Area Ginding - Help

    Miscellaneous Discussion
    I have a 1972 CL450 that I am trying to get back onto the road. The starter clutch was not working. I purchased the rebuild kit and replaced it tonight. Now the starter clutch it working...but after it spins the engine a couple times.....there is a loud clacking noise and then it stops...
  2. 75 CB500T grinding when trying to start

    Electrical Discussion
    I am having an issue when trying to start my cb550t electrically, there is a grinding noise. after a few attempts the bike will start just fine. I rebuilt the motor and removed the starter and had a friend inspect it and everything looked good. Hooked the starter to the battery and ran it while...
  3. Clutch and Kick/Electric Start Problem > 1975 CL360

    Engine Discussion
    So ... I recently changed the clutch on my 1975 CL360 and was pretty painless process; however this is where the pain starts. The clutch has been adjusted (several times) and it's is working fine, but when I engage the clutch the kick-start goes soft (no compression) and the electric start does...
  4. bad starter clutch?

    Engine Discussion
    Hi, I'm hoping I could get some thoughts on the funky noises my bike makes when I go to start it (78 CB400 t2). In this video I use the push button starter and the kick start on an engine that had warmed up a bit. With the push button, the engine will turn over but abruptly stops trying...
  5. 1980 CM200 Twinstar - Electric Starter Issues

    Electrical Discussion
    Hey everyone, I'm a new member here around the forums and not the most mechanically inclined, so please try to bear with me! I really do appreciate any help that you can offer. So, a couple days ago I purchased a 1980 CM200 Twinstar as a starter bike to use around town and for my short commute...
  6. CB500T starter clutch chain loose?

    Engine Discussion
    Hello, So recently my newly acquired cb500t started having a starting issue. It seems like the starter intermittently catches and turns the engine, however now it just spins. I took the case cover off and the starter clutch seems to turn fine and only in one direction and the starter looks...