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starter clutch assembly

  1. Alternator/starter clutch install

    Engine Discussion
    My project bike was missing it’s alternator and starter clutch so I found a replacement on eBay. Happily all of the small parts were included, even starter caps and springs that are only lightly worn. My two questions: 1. How does the little half-moon piece fit into the notch on the starter...
  2. CM400 Seized up - Possibly oil pump or starter clutch bearing?

    Engine Discussion
    If you couldn't tell from the title, my 400 keeps locking up. Here's the history. I bought the bike from a friend who maintained it pretty well. However, it had a nasty leak coming from the countershaft seal that made an awful stink, so I went to replace it. I'd read the method where one uses...
  3. cb500t starter clutch decided to eat the rest of the generator assembly

    Engine Discussion
    Long time lurker here. Ok, so whoever the previous PO of this bike was he was an idiot. He didn't peen over the 3 bolts securing the starter clutch to the back of the rotor when he was in there last. 800 miles into my ownership of the bike I lose the electric starter. I rode about 20 more miles...
  4. CB500T starter clutch chain loose?

    Engine Discussion
    Hello, So recently my newly acquired cb500t started having a starting issue. It seems like the starter intermittently catches and turns the engine, however now it just spins. I took the case cover off and the starter clutch seems to turn fine and only in one direction and the starter looks...