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  1. New Honda CB360 Speedometer

    Parts For Sale
    For sale is a brand new OEM speedometer for a Honda CB360. I bought this item for a project but never used it. Asking $200.00 or best offer. I paid over $300.00 for it. Just trying to give it a good home. Contact me for more info. Thanks
  2. CB/CL175 to CB200 Speedo swap?

    Electrical Discussion
    Forum members, can I use a Speedo/Odometer from a CB/CL175 on my 1975 CB200T? I’ve scanned previous threads under electrical discussion and a site wide search. No one seems to have raised this question. My speedo works. But, it has an unsightly scratch on the lens. I tried disassembling a...
  3. Speedometer CAN Questions

    Other Bikes
    Hello, I am working on a personal project trying to build a digital motorcycle speedometer and am reaching out to various forums hoping to get a few of my questions answered. I appreciate any help and thanks for you time! Do most or all modern bikes directly feed the instrument display...
  4. CB450 K0 Bomber electronic speedo/tach gauge

    Miscellaneous Discussion
    So, I have a broken CB450 k0 speedometer/tach gauge. The speedometer works fine, however the tachometer malfunctioned while in use and was destroyed. The only remaining usable part is the bar magnet (in a metal drum) attached to the tachometer gear box frame that the tachometer cable connects...
  5. Whining Speedometer - 1971 CB350

    Miscellaneous Discussion
    Apologies if this is mis-labeled, but I'm having a puzzling issue with my stock speedometer. It seems to work fine, but it whines continuously while I'm riding. A few notes: 1. The whining is most noticeable at low speeds, though that could just be the only time it's not drowned out by engine...
  6. CM400e Parts

    Parts For Sale
    I have about three sets of carbs from a 1980 CM400e, two sets have ruined mix screw holes. I have a set of CM400e side covers and other parts available as well, PM me for what you are looking for and your zip code and I can send pics and a shipping quote. I am willing to trade for Side Covers...
  7. 1979 cm400t speedometer

    Miscellaneous Discussion
    Hello! I just bought my first bike, a 1979 cm400t, and the only major problem with the bike is the speedo has been busted and does not work, the cable does still spin the gauge just spins around. I'm wanting to replace the speedo but I really don't know what I should get, I'm looking for any...
  8. Speedometer Gearbox Removal

    Tires, Wheels, and Brakes
    Hi there, Since a spirited ride I had a few weeks ago I started to hear a gear/bearing noise coming from the front wheel. Since I've got rid of the original speedometer and now use a speed sensor for the new digital one, I was wondering if any of you have already replaced the speedometer...
  9. Installing a speedometer

    Miscellaneous Discussion
    I just bought a 1980 Honda CM200T. I'm a new rider, and know next to nothing about bikes. It has a speedometer on it, and the main cable is hooked up, but the two little ones are not. Where do these little guys go?
  10. Stripped speedometer cable retaining screw

    Frame, Suspension and Steering
    Working on my 1980 CB400 and trying to fix the speedometer I managed to finish stripping out the screw holding the cable into the front wheel. Tried a broken screw extractor to no avail so far. Now I have an even bigger rounded crater in the middle of the screw :( Anybody been down this road...
  11. Speedometer Dead?

    Electrical Discussion
    The Speedometer on my '71 cb350 went dead today. I haven't dug into it yet and was wondering if there was any likely culprits I should look at first when I do get to it this weekend? Also if the Speedo is dead is there any recommended upgrades to look at our keep it oem?
  12. Cm450C proper Idle and carb sync

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    Hey everyone, I have been babying my cm450c with over 200k miles on it for the last 2 weeks because I'm afraid I'll mess it up. Today it scared me. I let it warm up for 5 minutes (I think this is the problem, help me confirm) then pushed the choke in and let it idle for a bit (few seconds...
  13. Okay... Speedo question.

    Miscellaneous Discussion
    So I took my speedo off to change the bulb and put it back on and now the needle jumps around all over the place... I took it off again and put it back on and it still does it.. What could I have damaged!? ahhhhh I know these speedos are off but I can't stand the jumping around. Any suggestions?
  14. Calculating Speed Using Tachometer

    Miscellaneous Discussion
    My old speedometer is hardly accurate. The one time I clocked it against a radar sign, the sign gave me a reading of 40mph and my speedometer was wobbling like a drunken sailor all around the 45-55mph range. I have also been barreling along the highway BEHIND other people where the speed...
  15. Taking Apart and Cleaning Speedometer CB350

    Electrical Discussion
    Hello, I recently bought a CB350 and I am hoping someone can detail how to disassemble and clean the gauges, specifically the speedometer. I took the gauge out of its mount but don't want to break anything in trying to disassemble it further. As you can see in the pictures it is quite dirty...
  16. Is my tachometer worth restoring?

    Miscellaneous Discussion
    My tachometer is in a bad state. It's all blackened on the inside and the needle bounces erratically. Is it worth restoring? If so, I'd like to try DrHonda's gauge rebuild. Here is the current state of my tach:
  17. Gauges Glass Replacements

    Parts Guide
    I just purchased a 1979 CM400T and the PO apparently had some kids break into his house and vandalize the bike. The tank and gauges were damaged, but the rest of the bike is in pretty good condition. It looks like the took a hammer to the top of the tank, and busted out the glass of the...
  18. Vintage 1975 Nippon Seiki Speedo on CB400N/T?

    Electrical Discussion
    Hi Guys I'd like to know if anyone has had experience with fitting an old school Nippon Seiki Speedo (from an older honda model) on a 1979 Honda CB400N/T? Im really close to buying one because I think they are the most beautiful speedometers I've ever seen.. Thanks! Magel
  19. Speedo worm gear- possible failure?

    Frame, Suspension and Steering
    I noticed my speedo isn't working all of a sudden (pulled it into the driveway, took her for a spin for groceries and pow! nothing!) so I have to ask, are the little gears inside prone to failure? I took apart the front hub and lined up the connecting notches and all that drives it from the...
  20. CB450 K1 Speedometer Cable

    Frame, Suspension and Steering
    Hey everyone, So I've been slugging ahead on my CB450 K1 project. It's a year 1969, with drum brakes in the front and rear. I'm missing the speedometer cable, and I've been having a dreadfully hard time finding one. Does anyone have any ideas on where I could find a compatible speedo cable...