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  1. Spark Plug Fouling Questions

    Engine Discussion
    What do you guys think about this plug? They both look exactly the same, but I'm not completely sure if this means I'm running lean or rich. Thanks for any help.
  2. 71 CL350 no spark!!

    Engine Discussion
    I'll start by saying that i have new coils, PAMCO ignition, brand new battery, plugs are several months old, and rebuilt the carbs. Okay, now to the issue. So i was riding one day and all of a sudden i get a loss of power because it started running on one cylinder. i thought it was the carbs at...
  3. No spark on right side with new coils

    Electrical Discussion
    Hello, so i was having sparking issues on the left side and noticed the leads were fried so i replaced both coils with new caps and spark plugs. The weird thing is that after i installed them they were both giving spark and that was awesome, but when I went back the next day to go for a ride, I...
  4. CB200T Oil leak, Carb leak, Spark plug wire gummed up

    Electrical Discussion
    Hey so i'm new to riding and am really just learning about bikes, limited knowledge. I'm just going to lay out all my issues in case one may be the cause of another. Got the bike two months ago. Was running great, always store the bike of the side stand and started noticing a slow leak each...
  5. CM400T - spark plug hole repair - Timesert questions

    Engine Discussion
    I went to start up my 1979 CM400T yesterday and she wouldn't start. A little firing, but no combustion. I eventually noticed that the cylinder head around the right side spark plug had a bunch of white residue around it so I took out the spark plug and a helicoil insert came out with it, wrapped...
  6. Spark Plug wires question - cm400a

    Electrical Discussion
    Hello! My 81 cm400a has "cracks" around both of the "boots" (correct term?) that attach to the spark plugs. The one on the right I can lift off the spark plug with no resistance what so ever like it's just "sitting on it". The one on the left feels like it "clicks" up/down and it seated. I...
  7. New Member from South Africa

    Member Introductions
    I recently got ownership of a CD200 RoadMaster, I would like some advise on how to get it running, I have cleaned the carb and put in working spark plugs, The problem I now have is no spark to the plugs. I have removed the starter motor as it was not functional. The coil looks to be in good...