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spark advancer

  1. Loosing Acceleration and Fluttering over 4000 rpm CB350

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    tGood morning all! I recently rebuilt this cb350 engine and cleaned the carbs (replaced diaphragm). When in 1st and second gear it is noticeable that it will not continue to accelerate even over as much as 3000rpm and it just holds and flutters. My assumption is and air leak but I did have a...
  2. Points advancer — replace, lube, or leave it?

    Electrical Discussion
    I’m trying to remedy my CL360’s racing idle. One consideration is whether my points advancer (spark advancer) is worn out or malfunctioning. What should I be looking for when I inspect? When I pulled off the points plate, it appeared dry with a tiny bit of surface rust. Does it need some kind of...
  3. CB350 Broken Spark Advancer Pin

    Engine Discussion
    Hey all, My engine hadn't been running very well recently, so I decided to clean up the points. In doing so, I also replaced the beat up screws used to lock the points down with metric hex bolts. I tried to kick start the bike, and there was an incredible resistance. It turns out that replacing...
  4. Need advice - build is done except for stretched advancer springs

    Engine Discussion
    Hi all, hope you're staying cool. Long story short, I rebuilt my CB450k6 engine and it's running well except for today I determined that my spark advance unit's springs are finished. I've been having problems getting it timed properly and having some pops from the right intake so I've been...
  5. Lubing points?

    Electrical Discussion
    So I finally got my 1970 CB350 running but it was revving really high out of control randomly and I had to use the choke to bring the rpm's back down. I did some research and found out it was probably the lack of points lubricant. I ordered some Mallory distributor lube and didn't know exactly...