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  1. Is my relay/solenoid broken?

    Electrical Discussion
    Was messing around with the multimeter today and I’m concerned that my solenoid isn’t working. The battery is live. The red wire to the starter has current. The red and white wire to the regulator/rectifier has current. But the black and red/yellow wires (see photo) aren’t getting any current...
  2. Grey wire with starter solenoid wires

    Electrical Discussion
    So I'm not sure what this grey wire was supposed to go to. From the wiring diagram it looks like the only grey wire is the blinker relay, but I believe that is under the tank from what I've read (haven't gotten to the wiring under the tank yet). It is a grey wire coming out of the harness along...
  3. CB500T Not starting when solenoid is jumped

    Electrical Issues
    Hello, New here, I have used a similar Subaru forum to keep my old soobs on the road, hoping for the same help here. I just picked up a 75 CB500T from a friend for cheap, start switch is broken in the handlebars, I tried jumping the two lugs on the solenoid, and nothing happens, well sparks...
  4. 1973 cl350 won't start

    Electrical Discussion
    I was seeing if anyone could help me trouble shoot my bike. It won't start and makes no click or anything. What steps should I take to see if the problem is electrical. I put in a new battery and spark plugs. I also replaced the ignition switch but nothing happened. A friend told me to check the...
  5. Replaced cm400 Solenoid...Now Push Start Unresponsive and Bike Still Doesnt Start?

    Engine Discussion
    When i went to start my 80cm400 the solenoid was clicking. Sprint66 aka Steve was kind enough to talk me through diagnosing the solenoid was the problem over the phone last week. I ordered a solenoid from an 81 cm400a and installed it, and now when i push the start button nothing happens. The...
  6. Starter Solenoid Relay/Magnetic Switch question

    Electrical Discussion
    Hello all. I am new to the forum. Currently working on getting a buddy of mine's '74 CL360 up and running. With the bike hooked up to a battery tender, all lights and gauges work fine. If I try to start the bike with the electric start, the starter solenoid/magnetic switch makes a...
  7. '85 Nighthawk 450 Starter issue

    Electrical Discussion
    Hello all! I recently bough an 85 Nighthawk 450 and am currently working out a starter issue. With a new battery the starter is sluggish and isn't turning over the bike fast enough to actually start up, however it will clutch start just fine. I checked and cleaned up the grounds, solenoid, and...
  8. new to board - need thoughts on CL350 K4 electric start

    Electrical Discussion
    I have a 1972 cl350 which has been running immaculately for a few months after a carb rebuild and some other basic maintenance attention. It was totally functional electrically (electric start, turn signals, headlight taillight, brake light, horn etc) until a few days ago when the electric...
  9. Running into some electrical issues

    Electrical Discussion
    Hey guys, I'm new to all this but I guess I will give a little background. I am a 20 year old college kid and have gotten myself into fixing up my dad's 72 CB350 K4 and getting it running again. It sat in our shed for over 20 years without being taken out, but it was running fine when he put it...