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  1. Smoke from Breather Tube: How much is too much? (VIDEO)

    Engine Discussion
    So I keep reading some smoke from the breather tube is normal but haven't been able to figure out how much that is. So I took a video of what I'm dealing with: Getting this after about 20-30 minutes of riding. Warm, relatively humid day (85 degress, NYC area). The bike runs fine otherwise...
  2. Smoke from header to exhaust attachment CB 450

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    Hey Guys! I hope everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving! I recently bought a 73 cb 450 (my first bike). I noticed that there are some smoke coming out of where the header and exhaust connects. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Also here's a photo of my bike! Thanks!
  3. New Vintage Bike Owner

    Member Introductions
    Just purchased a mostly stock '78 CB400t. 6200 original miles. This is only the second bike I have owned, Last was a 02 Yamaha VStar 650. I did notice today after my first longer ride (40min) the engine was smoking slightly. Haven't noticed anything leaking, any ideas?
  4. One cylinder sputtering

    Engine Discussion
    I recently got a '78 CB400 and it's been running a little jenky since day one. I've cleaned the carbs, did a quick oil change and slapped some new shorty's on there (I figured the back-pressure loss might be to blame as it was straight pipes when I got it) but it sounds as if the left cylinder...