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sl350 k2

  1. Barn-found SL350 needs some surgery

    Engine Discussion
    Hello All, I've been reading the great forum posts here for the last few months in order to educate myself. I have to say, the wealth of knowledge and experience here is amazing, and has really helped to make things easier for me so far. So thank you all for everything you share on the site...
  2. sl350 k2 fork tube insert removal

    Frame, Suspension and Steering
    I am replacing my old fork tubes with new ones from Franks and have a question on the bottom of the old tubes. There is a screwed in insert in the bottom of the tube where the oil lock piece fits in on the old tubes. I am not sure if this is a one piece insert or two piece. The end of this...
  3. SL 350 K2 build, newbie giving it a try

    Project Logs
    Over time I have picked up a few sl350's, am finally getting around to starting on one of them, a K2 I picked up last year. The bike was in decent shape with the typical rusty chrome. The engine was out due to the P/O having rebuilt it and having found metal shavings in the oil after running...
  4. SL350 K2 fender finish

    Miscellaneous Discussion
    I am in the process of restoring an SL350 K2 and need to know if anyone knows the best way to get the satin/brushed aluminum finish look on the fenders. In doing some web research I have come across ways including sand paper, scotchbrite pads, and even applying oven cleaner. I am not sure what...
  5. Sl350 Horn issues

    Electrical Discussion
    I am having issues with my horn going off as soon as i put wires together instead of working with the button. From the horn I have wires running to the horn button and ignition switch. From the button, I have wired it to the negative battery hookup as well. Im working on a 1972 sl350 k2, the...
  6. Brakelight troubles on sl350

    Electrical Discussion
    Ive purchased an aftermarket brakelight and Im stuck on how to wire it. The stock tailight on my sl350 had 3 wires going out to the switches, battery and ignition switch. On This new one it only had a red wire and a black wire so i sent the black to negative battery side and the red i split out...
  7. Sl350 k2 ignition switch wiring troubles

    Electrical Discussion
    Im creating a new wire harness for my sl350 project and running into a few problems. One is that I can only get the wire (either the speedo/headlight/tailight) that is plugged in next to the battery wire in the ignition switch connector to work. They all work, but never altogether, only when I...