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  1. Miscellaneous Discussion
    Hi, I am doing a "restoration" on a pretty nice original 73 CB350G, it's a very original bike aside from one repaint thats flaking pretty bad now. I will be repainting it in "Iris purple metallic", a color available on a 350G but not original to my particular bike. The proper paint color is 127...
  2. Miscellaneous Discussion
    I have a 1981 cm200t that I want to mod, and the first thing I want to do is change the side covers. Both of mine have cracks and attach loosely to the frame, just plain don't look good. I did originally want to go the air box delete route, but decided against it after reading other threads. So...
  3. Tips And Tricks
    Hi folks, I have a 1985 cb450sc nighthawk. Previous owner painted side covers and rear cowl to a matte black. I was blasting them with a pressure washer and the decals came off to reveal the original color underneath. The rest of the paint was pretty stubbornly on there and won’t come off with...
  4. Wanted Parts and Bikes
    Looking for a set of green side covers for my 1974 CL350 Whatcha got??
  5. Miscellaneous Discussion
    Hi there, So excuse my ignorance but I have a couple of questions that are mostly parts related: I am looking to replace my grips because mine are extremely worn down. I think the size I need to buy is 7/8" in but can someone confirm that my '81 CM400T would use 7/8" grips? Also I don't have a...
  6. Parts For Sale
    For sale on eBay.
  7. Miscellaneous Discussion
    ive recently repainted my side covers black with a matte black rubberized spray, but after 2 months its starting to wear away from friction from my legs on both sides, and now these bald spots are getting bigger by the week. I was already planning on putting reflective stickers on the bike...
  8. Parts For Sale
    Anyone have one laying around that I could buy? I only have the left one
  9. Miscellaneous Discussion
    I'm a newbie here but it looks like the perfect for my new old bike I just got. I need the battery side cover, Holly Green if possible if anyone has one reasonably priced to sell. Are CB400T and other models have same fairings and other parts such as headlight bucket? Just bought this low mile...
  10. Wanted Parts and Bikes
    Hi there, So I've added a 1982 CM450A Hondamatic in candy muse red to my collection. The motorcycle in excellent shape cosmetically, except for the side panels, which were poorly repainted at some point in their lifetime. And they're missing the decals. None of the decal shops that specialize...
  11. Wanted Parts and Bikes
    I'm interested in buying a Left side cover for a 1974 CB360T. Thanks! Jeff
  12. Wanted Parts and Bikes
    I'm new here and hope maybe some of you more seasoned riders might be able to help me. I'm in search of a right side cover for a CM400a. It is my understanding that 78-81 (or 82) all fit the same. And that the CM400 and CM450 through those years fit the same. If anyone has one for sale, please...
  13. Parts For Sale
    Hello folks! I'm looking to buy some side covers for my 1980 CB400T. OEM Part numbers; L/H side: 83700-443-610(ZD) R/H side: 83600-443-610(ZD) My bike is Canadian, but I don't think that should make a difference. I'm looking for ones that still have the tabs intact, however I don't care what...
1-14 of 14 Results