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  1. Bikes For Sale
    SOLD 1971 CB 350 and shop manuals BIKE IS SOLD Hello Everyone, New to the forum here but not to Honda twins. Been working on cars and bikes since I was a kid. As far as Honda twins I've really only owned a VTX1300R and this CB350. Plenty of non-Honda bikes and projects in the mix. My brother...
  2. Mechanical Issues
    Hello, Great forum, always really helpful. The wiring diagrams and parts manuals have been invaluable. I have the dynamo exposed now, and before I get behind it I would really like to see the shop manual and will need all the torque specs. I've looked all over but no luck downloading anything...
  3. Manuals and Technical Documents
    Hello, does any of you have a manual for a CM 125 CF (year 1985), or does now where to get it from? Any help is realy apreciated! Thanks in advance Bernd
1-3 of 3 Results