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  1. WTS Variety of Honda CB450 and CB360 Parts

    Parts For Sale
    Selling some parts from past projects to fund future projects. 1971 Honda CB450 K4 - original parts - good condition original fenders, an immaculate original seat, clusters/gauges, points/plates, coils/bracket, control boxes, internal parts, several sets of original signals, lots more etc...
  2. CL175 rear shocks options?

    Frame, Suspension and Steering
    Greetings Listers, I disassembled an original shock off my 1968 CL175 and they are toast. There is little to no dampening action. Has anyone located a suitable replacement? My initial searches have proved disappointing. These are 12 inch 305mm in length, with the eyelet top and clevis bottom...
  3. Lowering 72 cb350

    Frame, Suspension and Steering
    I'm looking to lower my 72 cb350 since the stand over height is about 2 inches too tall for me. I'm ordering the 11" shocks from dime city cycles, but was wondering if I would need any addition parts (triple tree, etc). I've done a search of the forum and found a few helpful bits of info, but...
  4. CL175 Rear shocks for skinny dude

    Frame, Suspension and Steering
    Im looking to upgrade my rear suspension but I dont know what shocks to get for my weight and bike. I weigh 135 pounds and have a 69 cl175, any suggestions or advice on what to look for in a shock for my weight and bike would be greatly appreciated!