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  1. Miscellaneous Discussion
    It's fantastic that they have every Fiche but shipping from the UK is just about the same price as my order. Am I better off getting the part numbers together and checking with a local dealer or sourcing from here and there? Honestly don't feel like I need to pay that much for some gaskets and...
  2. Vendor Links
    I shipped a Honda VT1100 engine (300 pounds) from Pennsylvania to Alabama a few months ago. It cost only $75 because I had it sent on a pallet by Motor Freight to a local freight depot. Vendor: Central Transport Central Transport
  3. Bikes and Parts For sale
    Hello everyone I'm trying to get a full bike for parts and spares for my old Honda and found some on eBay. I've been searching for some company to do the international shipping. Do any of you know of anyone/company that could do the job from seller in the UK to me in Portugal? I want to try...
1-3 of 3 Results