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  1. Engine Discussion
    Okay, I posted yesterday, but either worded wrong or it's a lost cause Bike ran and shifted gears fine though sitting still kind of stiff...but it ran fine. Actuator/ lever sat at 90 degrees off motor was told it needed to be 120 and was probably worn. So I got one and replace it. 1 I layed the...
  2. Engine Discussion
    Hello Everyone, newbie here who picked up a CB350 a few months back for my wife. When I bought it everything was working had some electrical gremlins I needed to work out. One of which was a neutral switch. I popped open the cover and realized the cam wasn't seated in the...
  3. Engine Discussion
    Backstory: Last friday I fired the bike up and ran it around town for about 10miles. All was good with shifting. After letting it sit until today i tried kicking it to start and the kick starter wouldn't engage, not sure if thats a separate issue from my main concern. When i rolled the bike and...
1-4 of 4 Results