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  1. Miscellaneous Discussion
    So I have an issue. 1975 CL360. From neural to first gear I can shift just fine, but then shifting up to second the bike stays in neutral. If I use my hand to quickly grab the lever down to first then up to second I can sometimes get it into gear and then the rest of the range up to sixth is...
  2. Engine Discussion
    Hello, New to the forum, Names Brian. Northeast Ohio Lorain County Area, 28 Years Old DIY motorcycle enthusiast, Backyard mechanic no professional here but I do my best, Ive got a few motorcycles (74 cb500,71 Triumph Daytona 500,04 Suzuki DRZ400). I Rebuilt the top end of my cb500 and multiple...
  3. Engine Discussion
    I just replaced the clutch on my 78 CM185T. I had it in neutral the whole time, after replacing the clutch and adjusting the cable at both ends, I started it, shifted into gear and started riding, would shift anymore. the clutch disengages properly, there were and are no weird noises. the...
  4. Engine Discussion
    Hello all, I am a new member although I have been reading posts for some time. Thanks for this resource, it is extremely helpful. Here is the problem. I have a 1975 360T. It is running well but the transmission is about to kill me. I am having trouble with shifting past 2nd gear. When I...
  5. Miscellaneous Discussion
    So today i decided to take out my '71 CB175. I take it down the alley and out of nowhere while shifting up into 2nd, the shift lever just stays there, it doesn't return to the center position. Same for when i shifted down to 1st, it just stayed in the down position, i tried getting it into...
  6. Engine Discussion
    Hello. So I bought a 1970 CB350. After taking it out on the road a couple of times I noticed that sometimes the bike will shift perfect but then other times it won't get past second gear. When it gets stuck in second gear if I downshift and then shift back up occasionally it will get past...
  7. Wanted Parts and Bikes
    The splines on my 1973 CL350 shift pedal are gnarled and I'm looking to replace the pedal / lever. Are the ones I typically fine on ebay (e.g. from Emgo) decent? Otherwise, anyone got one with good teeth?
1-7 of 7 Results