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  1. Engine Discussion
    Picked up a barnfind 1973 CB450 that sat for many years in a barn. The shifter can physically move down, but has zero give when trying to push it back up into neutral. I got the bike running, and drove it around the yard in first, and the clutch free'd up, so now it's easier to move. What might...
  2. Engine Discussion
    Hello all, New poster here but this website has been a great source of information! So first, thank you! Guess I'll start with the questions: - When all gears are in place, should I expect to be able to move the shift forks around by turning the drum by hand? - Has anybody had success with...
  3. Engine Discussion
    Hello all, I am a new member although I have been reading posts for some time. Thanks for this resource, it is extremely helpful. Here is the problem. I have a 1975 360T. It is running well but the transmission is about to kill me. I am having trouble with shifting past 2nd gear. When I...
1-3 of 3 Results