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  1. Wanted Parts and Bikes
    Recently got a CL350 and it's missing some parts... Looking for a CL/SL350 tank, seat, side covers as well as a stator magnet. Thanks!
  2. Fuel Supply and Carburation
    Hi, New to the forum and it looks like a great resource for a beginner restorer. My current project is a 1971 CL175 Scrambler. Everything is coming together nicely as parts are easy to find. My problem is the seat. The original is pretty much shot and it looks like there aren't a lot of...
  3. Wanted Parts and Bikes
    looking for a seat for a 1969 cd175 i just got, a previous owner had swapped it out for a more cafe racer kind of looking seat, which im not personally super into. also willing to do part cash part trade if anyone wants the cafe racer seat thats on it! thanks yall
  4. Project Logs
    Hi all This is my 1978 superdream that I've owned for around 6/7 years. Ashamedly I had left it in the back of the garage, un touched since the day I bought it. I took it to my dads a few years ago when I moved house. He finally got sick of looking at it so decided to strip it down for a...
  5. Frame, Suspension and Steering
    Hello HondaTwins community, I'm looking for some ideas for what to do in regards to mounting a flat brat seat on my 71 CB350. PO welded on this seat pan-esque sheet metal to the frame as seen in the pics. I'm thinking of getting it all sorted out as follows. Cut out part of the sheet metal to...
  6. Parts For Sale
    All parts sold. Thanks
  7. Wanted Parts and Bikes
    Hi HondaTwins forum - longtime member, first-time poster here. I'm looking for a replacement front fender and a new seat (including base/pan) for my CB360G; I live in Sydney, Australia and will of course cover postage etc. Thanks!
  8. Wanted Parts and Bikes
    Hey all, Looking for a seat in good condition for my 1981 CM400 Custom. I have a parts bike torn apart also that i can trade parts off of if your more into that sort of thing ;) Looking for something relatively close to Colorado as shipping cost a fortune these days! If what your looking for...
  9. Miscellaneous Discussion
    Hi, last year I saw a pic of a member's bike here that had the cafe seat on it. I am completely unable to find that pic now :confused: and would really like to see any pics of those seats on a cm450. If anyone has that seat, greatly appreciated! Thanks.
  10. Wanted Parts and Bikes
    Hello. I`m looking for a seat for my SL175. Bike has nice patina, but missing seat!
  11. Miscellaneous Discussion
    Just had to replace the tank on my 72 CB350. I ended up getting a CL tank for a great price. I love the look of the CL tank, but the CB seat is too short now. I'd like to fix the gap between the tank and the seat, but am very new to riding and mechanics. If I order a CL seat, is it easy to swap...
  12. Frame, Suspension and Steering
    I am customizing a 1972 CB175. I am not looking to turn it into cafe racer and I really do not like the look of the skateboard seats or the hump back seat that most people put on them. I am looking for a solo seat that will fit and was wondering if anyone knew of any that are known to fit. I was...
  13. Miscellaneous Discussion
    hi guys, i bought this seat off of 4into1 recently to install on my 71 cb175 Tracker Brat Style Seat - Chocolate / Black Piping anyone with knowledge on working with this aftermarket part or installing these style seats have tips or instructions on how to properly connect it to the frame? new...
  14. Miscellaneous Discussion
    I own a 1981 CM400C Custom. After riding for an hour and a half or so, I have to stop. What are some options and recommendations for making the seat more comfortable and the ride more enjoyable? Mark S.
  15. Frame, Suspension and Steering
    Hey guys - My battery needs replacing and I'm having a hard time getting the seat latch to open. Last time I opened it, a couple years back, it was in working order but now the sucker just will not release. The lever has some play but still won't release the latch. I've tried pushing down on on...
  16. Bikes and Parts For sale
    Hey all, I am selling the stock seat off of my bike. I posted it on ebay if you want to check it out. If posting ebay links is against the rules I apologize. Honda CM400 Seat | eBay It is for sale in auction starting at $50. Seat is located in Chico, CA if you want to come pick it up...
  17. Project Logs
    I bought this for $350 from a guy who was going to bob it. Bike runs well and has 9,000 miles on the clock. We have the frame off now and are detabbing and stripping paint. Any tips or suggestions on wiring and building a brat seat would extremely helpful as this is my first build. Also my...
  18. Pictures and Videos
    Hello, I make, customize, and modify stock seats for all classic Hondas. Just wanted to show off some pics and get some feedback! Always here to help with advice, and share my knowledge.
  19. Pictures and Videos
    Hello, I make, customize, and modify stock seats for all classic Hondas. Just wanted to show off some pics and get some feedback! Always here to help with advice, and share my knowledge.
  20. Bikes and Parts For sale
    +NEED TO CLEAR GARAGE MAKE OFFERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I AM FLEXIBLE ON PRICES i have a really nice seat from my 1981 cm400 project as well as other bits taillamp assy,mirrors,front turnsignals,engine guards ,mufflers ect. i know were supposed to list prices but i understand things are only...
1-20 of 26 Results