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  1. Engine Discussion
    I've made some oil pump gaskets before using a paper bag and High Tack Gasket Sealant before and I suppose it worked well enough but this time I've happened across some NOS gaskets. My question is whether or not to apply any kind of goo to the gasket or not? Another question I was wondering...
  2. Engine Discussion
    I have what could be a dummy question but figured I'd bare the shame rather than ruminate on this idea. I noticed that my left side carb insulator is not fulling sealing at the cylinder head. I found this out by spritzing it with carb cleaner. The engine instantly died. :sad: Looking into a...
  3. Tune Up
    Hi y'all Does anyone have experience using this stuff? How well it works compared to just getting a new factory gasket? Ive got a 1978 twin, 185cc. My trusted local bike mechanic recommended it when i asked about ordering a new head gasket. But seems like just getting the new gasket would be...
1-3 of 3 Results