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  1. CB450 Valve guide cap replacement

    Engine Discussion
    Posted in my project log - but in case it doesnt get any traction there: Trying to replace my valve stem seals - the cap that goes over the valve guide - and it doesn't appear to fit correctly. It doesn't seat all the way. Sitting loose with the only the fork holding it doesn't feel right...
  2. Countershaft oil seal keeps coming loose

    Engine Discussion
    Hey guys, i developed an oil leak from the sprocket side a little while ago. Found out that the countershaft oil seal had come loose and was more than halfway out of its seat. I cleaned the surfaces thouroughly and put the seal back in with a matching pvc pipe. The oil leak stopped for a few...
  3. 1980 CM200T shifter seal

    Engine Discussion
    I am new to this forum, so hello to all! i was just gifted a 1980 CM200T and now im hooked. such a fun little bike. only draw back is it has a leaky shifter seal. apparently it has been leaking oil for quite a while as there was a bunch of caked on oil and grim on the bottom of the chassis and...