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  1. 82 Cm450C scrambler

    Member Introductions
    Hello, I have been a long time lurker of project bikes and last year I bought one! It’s a Honda cm450c here is my progress so far! And yes it’s my first project so it’s not amazing. in the beginning: the rust was intensive over the whole bike to the point where I couldn't use the tank anymore...
  2. 1975 CB 360T

    Member Introductions
    Hello everyone! I've been on here a long time now and realized I'd never posted an intro, so here goes! I bought this non running CB360T when i was living in Cali a few years back with the intentions of just doing the bare minimum to get it running. At the time I had absolutely zero...
  3. Help IDing CL360 (?) pipes

    Frame, Suspension and Steering
    Are these actually off of a CL360 as advertised? I can't find any info or images of a 2 into 1 muffler like this, and I'm hesitant to spend this kind of money if I can't confirm fit. Thanks...
  4. What'd I get myself into? ‘75 CL360 scrambler

    Project Logs
    After decades of riding bicycles I got the throttle fever last winter. Started with a KTM two-stroke that I’ve been having fun riding off-road. A friend of mine put a bug in my ear with his old CB restoration projects. And before I knew it, I ended up with this 1975 CL360. Engine seems to be in...
  5. 1972 Honda CL 175 K6 with Various Carb Issues

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    Hey guys, wondering if anyone has any ideas on some issues I've been running into on my 1972 Honda CL 175 K6. So I've pretty much done a full rebuild on this thing(all original parts except for the air boxes) and there's been a few problems that I've been running into with the carbs. 1. Every...
  6. First time poster, not very long time listener.

    Member Introductions
    Hey guys, just learned about this forum a few weeks ago and man I am loving it! The forum you guys have made here is one of the most inviting communities I've ever seen, and I'm really excited to be apart of it. My current project is a 1972 Honda CL 175 K6 Scrambler that I've pretty much done a...
  7. Project CB250 G5 - Scrambler/ adventure build

    Project Logs
    I bought my little Honda back in 2012, and started a budget custom build but for one reason and another it got left in the wayside. I got this far and then changed my mind on the build... This was as far as I got and how it stayed up until about a month ago. Original project log here...
  8. Planning my first frame-up build, a '71 CB450

    Project Logs
    Long-time first-time here, I've had numerous vintage Hondas over the years but never really the time or space to do a proper build. I've logged a lot of hours searching the Honda Twins forums and figured it was time to say hello. Here's the patient I took it home: It's a bit of a mess right...
  9. 1971 K4 CL450 | Dawsonville, Georgia $1850

    Bikes For Sale
    Complete bike - but will need top end work, still a strong runner @ over 120psi compression - missing exhaust tip. Full description in ad: 10K original miles. Nearly spotless frame, marginal corrosion and rust. Video Link: *WILL NEED...
  10. 1973 Honda CL 450 Scrambler Low Mileage

    Bikes For Sale
    Good condition 1973 Honda CL 450 Scrambler ~3350 miles Well maintained, clean title in hand. Some after market and some OEM parts. Battery tender and cover included with motorcycle. Do not ride it as much as I used since I moved to Pittsburgh to so am looking to sell. Original Scrambler Seat...
  11. 1970 Honda CL175 For Sale

    Bikes and Parts For sale
    Hello everyone, this is my first post, I am located in Ithaca, New York. (Upstate Finger Lakes region) Bought bought this bike a few weeks ago, but have to move on, it ran perfectly up until it didn't. I was pulling up to a stop sign and it puttered out. I have no idea why. I am not a mechanic...
  12. Vintage Honda CL77 Scrambler 305cc Frame and matching motor $325

    Found For Sale
  13. 1972 CL350 Scrambler Restomod in House of Kolor Cobalt Blue Kandy

    Bikes For Sale
    Hi, Selling my 1972 frame-up restomod Scrambler with custom Kandy paint using top-of-line House of Kolor products. Bike is near Jacksonville, FL. Please check it out and pass the word. Thank you!
  14. C350 exhaust question, drain tube

    Engine Discussion
    Howdy all, Was going to start working on my 1973 cb350 again soon. A couple of years ago, I bought I really nice set of scrambler pipes (HM318's) from Carnivorous Chicken. The only thing wrong with them was the little drain tube on the right muffler was broke off. The hole is the size of the...
  15. New Member. New CL200

    Member Introductions
    Greetings, Folks. New to the twin forum... not so new to vintage Hondas. My first Honda was a 1974 CB200 pulled out of a barn in Kansas for $200 and turned out to be a great bike. I took this bike down to the bare frame and throughly cleaned, polished and fixed every issue. All the work was...
  16. 1966 Honda CL160 Scrambler, runs

    Bikes For Sale
    Vintage 1966 Honda CL160 Scrambler. Have keys and clear title. Starts, runs and drives fine. Smokes a bit when running. This 51 year old Honda classic is a rare fine and you just don,t see them around any more. Great restoration project. $1500 OBO Located by North Muskegon, Michigan. Local...
  17. 1971 CL350 for sale.

    Bikes For Sale
    Have had some great advice from this forum (mostly lurking and researching) and wanted to put this up here. Sooo...long story. Bought this bike in early 2015. The PO had disassembled the bike and powder coated the frame and rebuilt the engine. Carbs needed some tuning. Got the carbs rebuilt and...
  18. 1969 CL350 : Aura - Redux

    Project Logs
    Well since I finished my CL350 build I have uncovered a few little issues that I must address so that I can improve the safety and reliability. So today I completely tore everything back off down to the motor. Initially I didn't conceive that I would essentially have to break it down this far...
  19. 1966 Honda CL160 Scrambler - $1900 Rothbury Michigan

    Bikes For Sale
    Vintage 1966 Honda CL160 Scrambler. Have keys and clear title. If its posted, It's still available. Starts, runs and drives fine, smokes a bit. This 51 year old Honda classic is a rare fine and you just don,t see them around any more. SOLD!!!!!
  20. 71 CL450 K4 for sale in N. Cali

    Bikes For Sale
    71 Honda CL450 Scrambler - Great project bike.. NO Title.. Not running $800 OBO Like many Ive just run out of time and ambition- Let me know if you have any questions Thanks for looking