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  1. Starter bike revival

    Project Logs
    Hello, It has been a bit since ive posting on the forms and i am feeling inspired to start a project log on my cm400e. I know, i know... same old same old but different lol. For a brief overview, i was looking for a motorcycle, came across a cm400e (Didnt know nothing about nothing and still...
  2. First time engine work - help, I'm scared. (cm400t)

    Engine Discussion
    I'm doing my very first bike tear-down and build on a bike that a buddy of mine practically gave me. So, I decided that I want to try to do as much as I possibly can on this bike by myself over the next few years in order to teach myself and have fun. Engines have always intimidated me, but I...
  3. Spoked rims, Rust Removal and DIY Zinc electroplating.

    Tips And Tricks
    Poll added, please vote. Spoked rims, Rust Removal and DIY Zinc electroplating. I've had the idea in my head for quite a while now that I could refurb a rusty chrome rim by removing the rust with vinegar and then quickly electroplating Zinc onto the areas where the rust used to be, well in the...
  4. Rust Removal with Reynolds and Braggs

    Tips And Tricks
    This came up in another thread and figured I'd share this with anyone who doesn't already know this trick. Obviously, it doesn't have to be Reynolds/Braggs, but you need to get yourself some aluminum foil and apple cider vinegar. Pour some vinegar into a disposable container, ball up a small...
  5. Is this wheel salvageable?

    Tires, Wheels, and Brakes
    I'm restoring a '72 cb450 and I've started cleaning the front wheel. It has lots of rust eating away at what I'm guessing is chrome. I'm wondering if this severe type of rusting is repairable or if the wheel is even safe to use. The rust hasn't gone all the way through but could it? Here's the...
  6. Front Fork Rust. Useable? Or unsafe?

    Frame, Suspension and Steering
    Alrighty, so I have disabled my forks and have looked them over and understand the areas near the top are relatively okay if they are rusted because it is from where the headlight brackets sit. But, down here are the bottom, all the way inside the fork "housing" the one is much, much darker...
  7. Rusty Fuel Tank. Is there a way to save it?

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    Hi guys My CB200's fuel tank is in a very bad shape... It is terribly rusted inside and it has a very weird patch in the bottom. I already bought a better one, but I'm wondering if is there a way to save this tank. I can use a different color/paint style to change the look of the bike every now...
  8. rusted gas tank 71 cb350

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    I am restoring a 71 cb350 and have previously relined the gas tank due to rusting. I thought I had gotten all of the rust off but the new liner is peeling and i can see rust underneath. Any recommendations on how I should go about doing this again? successful products any of you have used for...
  9. Windage Tray - Flash Rust Question

    Engine Discussion
    So during some last minute prepping of the cases for painting I was doing some degreasing and trying to get some sludge out from under the windage tray by spraying with degreaser and then power washing immediately followed by blowing compressed air to dry everything up. However, from the time...