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  1. Rebuilding a freshly rebuild CB360

    Engine Discussion
    I paid a local shop to do some top end work on my CB360. They installed the cam chain tensioner wrong (prove it amirite?!) The tensioner snapped both the metal tabs on top and bottom off and are currently floating around in my engine. I'll be rebuilding the engine myself this time, but I'm...
  2. 1974 CB 450 crapped out in 15 minutes

    Engine Discussion
    My son has shown some interest in the older Hondas so we found one about an hour away. Checked it out, no smoking, no leaking, idled good, oil looked good and it felt good on the test ride. We bought it and insured and registered it. Got on it to take it to a closed parking lot for him to...
  3. CB450 NOS cilinder head, pistons, piston ring set and piston pin

    Parts For Sale
    Dear forum friends, I have a very nice and quite rare NOS CB450 twin cilinder head, pistons (x2), piston ring sets (x2) and piston pins (x2) for sale. They are all complete new, NOS, in original packaging and of course never used. An ideal set for someone with a CB450 that needs a complete top...
  4. 1967 CL160 burns oil after running a few minutes

    Engine Discussion
    Hi everyone, I'm a rather new member, here. I just want to say that I appreciate the community and their desire to help one another keep these old bikes on the road. Hopefully someone can help me... I bought an old CL160 off of a family friend. It had been stored since the early eighties...
  5. cylinder piston rings

    Engine Discussion
    Hi, I've been working on my 78 CB400T2 and recently had the valves re-seated and cylinders honed. I got the pistons all cleaned up and as I was putting the new piston rings on, one of them broke. It was the middle ring. For now, I used the old piston ring as a substitute, as it was still...
  6. CB450 Low Miles Low Compression After Light Rebuild Help

    Engine Discussion
    So we are redoing my friends 73 450. When we did the motor we only removed the head and jug to replace the gaskets. I cleaned everything up really nice and put everything back together using two manuals and all of my years experience putting motors together. I put each ring with it's gap...