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  1. help with 1969 cb350 right throttle switch

    Miscellaneous Discussion
    so ... my bike has the throttle switch with the built in perch and the inline cable brake light sensor (not the brake light wire that runs through the lever). There is no kill switch on the original part, only start and the headlight control. I am replacing all of my cables with new (47 yr old...
  2. CB350 Right Hand Controls and Throttle

    Electrical Discussion
    Hi All, I'm new to this forum and CBs in general so I'm hoping I could get a little guidance. I've recently picked up a 72 CB350 and I'm working on going through the full lot. I'm coming to the end of my build and my last step is to replace the controls. I picked up some universal controls for...
  3. 1974 CB450 New Right Hand Control Switch and Consequential Issues

    Electrical Discussion
    Hi All, It's been a while since I contributed to the forum, and I'm definitely sad about it. I started out with my '70 CB350 rebuild, made a video and everything. I carted the disassembled darling a few hours north to my brother's well equipped garage with the intention of having more resources...
  4. 1971 CB350 Right Hand Switch Replacement

    Electrical Discussion
    This is my first post and unfortunate circumstances for finally joining the discussion. I just moved to Boston a day ago after a beautiful ride up from Philly on my CB350, parked, and came out to find that someone had knocked it over. While it could have been worse, the fall did some damage...