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  1. Becoming reacquainted with an old Friend

    Member Introductions
    Hello, My name is Gene and I am from Boyertown PA, USA. I am an avid Motorcyclist. My love for the sport is not manufactured specific. I have never met a bike I did not like. I have been riding since the age of 6 and I am a lifetime member of the AMA. I enjoy working on and Restoring bikes as...
  2. Crank case restore

    Tips And Tricks
    Looking for some advice on restoring my 72 CL350 crank cases. I'm not going for a polished look, just some tips on getting these things looking new. Chemicals? wire wheel? Appreciate any help
  3. Getting old 1974 CB450 up and running!

    Project Logs
    Hi everyone — Here's the bike that I'm going to be working on over the summer. Goal is to get it running and slowly restore over the next year or so. I have re-installed a missing kick lever and determined that the engine is seized. The previous owner said he'd poured in some of that mystery...
  4. Amature bike restorer needing help

    Non-Parallel Honda Twins
    So near my high school there is a small auto shop and the owner has a 1978 cb750F super sport he offered to sell me for $200 and its got just about everything but the gas tank, seat and body pieces. If I recall correctly there was only 2 years the bike was made so its kinda tough to come across...
  5. The wife and I just got a 1979 CM400A.

    Member Introductions
    Greetings all, My wife and I have been wanting to get a bike for years now. I rode as a kid, but it has been 20 years since I have been on a bike (until yesterday) and my wife is in pretty much the same boat (she is also a tiny lil woman.) We both love Hondas, and wanted to start with...
  6. Garage Sale find 1968 CB350, low miles or not, IDK

    Member Introductions
    I have been wanting a CB350 for a few years, not sure why, just seems like a good size for a starter bike. Got my license by doing the safety school in 2014. Found this bike at a garage sale for 1,200 which is cheap for California. Typically they ask 3,000 on Craigslist regardless of condition...
  7. '71 CB350 Touch Up Paint

    Miscellaneous Discussion
    Hi all, I'm wanting to get some people to chime in on their favorite ordering sites for the best touch up paint for my orange/gold (I'm fairly colorblind) cb350. Ready, set, GO>>>>>> Thanks
  8. Meet Sachi! The 1971 CL350 - Des Moines, IA

    Project Logs
    I'm going to quickly write a little introduction to myself and my bike Sachi (Soichiro Honda's wife's name), the 1971 (still need to double check the vin?) CL350! I just moved to Iowa's capital city of Des Moines! Any other Iowans in this forum?! :cool: I'm interested in trying to restore my...
  9. New Member Rebuilding A 1984 Nighthawk CB450SC

    Member Introductions
    Hey guys, How's it going? My name is Jason and I am about to take possession of a 1984 Nighthawk CB450SC (again!). I had a bike of the exact same year, body type, color... until May this year, just two months ago. I had it all fixed up and sold it since I'm not sure if I'll be staying in the...
  10. rusted gas tank 71 cb350

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    I am restoring a 71 cb350 and have previously relined the gas tank due to rusting. I thought I had gotten all of the rust off but the new liner is peeling and i can see rust underneath. Any recommendations on how I should go about doing this again? successful products any of you have used for...
  11. 1975 CB200 restore

    Project Logs
    I traded a little 38 hand gun for this CB200 last night. It's been sitting for at least the last ten years. Also, it didn't come with a key -_-. The plan is to restore the bike and give me something to do this summer on the weekends. I had a CB200 before but didn't have to do much to get it...
  12. A Build from Parts??

    Project Logs
    I'd been looking for some time, without success, to find a 1971 CB175 K5 Super Sport worthy of restoration and haven't been able to find one. So, after thinking that it might well cost me $500 to $800 to buy a non-running bike worthy of restoration, and probably another $2,000 (or more) to...