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  1. Hey everyone new and jumping I with both feet first need a hand

    Electrical Discussion
    Well to start I was given a family keepsake of my soon to be wife. It's a 73 CB 450 that was last on the road in 83.(still has the tag). She is wanting to have it running by late October due to it being owned by her father who has passed. Alright let's get started, the carbs were left full of...
  2. PLEASE HELP: Bill Silver’s Resto Guide for 1964 Honda CA77 Dream 305

    Does anyone have a copy of Bill Silver’s restoration guide for a 1964 CA77? I’ve heard the books are amazing to help restore the bikes. If anyone has a copy and wouldn’t mind sharing I would greatly appreciate it!
  3. CB175 "Abarth Cafe Tracker"

    Project Logs
    Hey guys here is the CB175 K7 project I'm calling "The Abarth 175" for the combination colors, sleek and small design. I owned a 2015 Fiat 500 Abarth black with red tand silver trim, dual exhaust, turbo 5 speed. I recently sold it. I miss it dearly. I bought it about 8 months ago not running...
  4. Manual for 1964 CA77

    Manuals and Technical Documents
    Hi everyone! I was hoping someone might be willing to share a restoration guide for a 1964 CA77. I’m relatively new to restoring bikes and have never done one before, but this was my grandfather’s bike and I’ve already got it running sort of. I was hoping to sort of educate myself and learn as I...
  5. Where to start?

    Project Logs
    So I have acquired a Honda CB400A that was abandoned in a locked garage for some years. I don’t know why it was left there, I don’t know if it has major faults or not. I would like to find out it’s condition and if feasible then I’d like to restore it, but I’m wondering to myself where to...
  6. Seriously.....what is this squeak 72 CB350

    Miscellaneous Discussion
    Compression test fine. Leak down test negligible. No compression = no squeak noise. What is this squeak noise and why can't I find it? I hooked up a leak down test and went through both compression and exhaust strokes and can't recreate the noise. The last time this happened I was under the...
  7. 1968 CB350 K0 Police - Restoration project

    Project Logs
    A while ago, I bought a 1968 CB350 K0 Police bike from an estate. The bike is mostly complete, although some of the parts have been removed and are in boxes. I'm going to restore the bike, but want to keep it as correct and original as possible. The problem I'm running into is that I can't...
  8. Ryan's CL360 Build

    Project Logs
    Hey everyone, I was slacking on creating a project thread, but I'm finally here. Picked up my first bike, this running and driving '74 CL360 with 27k miles about a month ago and have been taking my time tearing it apart and learning as I go. My goal for this bike is to restore it to all it's...
  9. Restoring a 72 CB175

    Member Introductions
    Hi all, My winter project this year is to rebuild the 72 CB175 I recently picked up. It runs, but that's about all it does. I'm trying to learn all I can now before actually diving in. I'm building a small one bike workshop in my yard now. Looking forward to chatting with and learning from all...
  10. CB450 - Project or not?

    Project Logs
    I'm not sure if this will become a real project in the sense that there will be an actual outcome in form of a beautiful old Honda, but after a couple of months in my garage I have to recognize that it has actually become already something like a project. I'm writing about a rather corroded and...
  11. Is this wheel salvageable?

    Tires, Wheels, and Brakes
    I'm restoring a '72 cb450 and I've started cleaning the front wheel. It has lots of rust eating away at what I'm guessing is chrome. I'm wondering if this severe type of rusting is repairable or if the wheel is even safe to use. The rust hasn't gone all the way through but could it? Here's the...
  12. hello from Portsmouth, NH

    Member Introductions
    Hello to everyone at Honda Twins! I've been a big fan of this forum for a while now and would like to introduce myself. I've been riding motorcycles for a few years. My first bike was a 1971 Honda CB450 and my current daily driver is a 2007 Triumph Bonneville. When I first started riding I...
  13. 1975 CB200T Detroit MI for sale $1000

    Bikes For Sale
    75 CB200T Detroit MI $1000 OBO Runs & rides, but needs fine tuning, lots of original parts if you want to part it out (tank, seat pan, air boxes, emblems, suspension, gauges, etc) but also has all upgraded LED lighting, ballistic Evo 6 battery, and updated electrics. Came with aftermarket...
  14. Some advice about whether to "rescue" a 1972 CB350 for my project

    Member Introductions
    Hello People, My first post on this forum, so here goes. I'm interested in building a scrambler/tracker/bobber and have been looking for a donor bike to start with. The Honda CB350 seems to be a good prospect as it's fast enough for the highway and nice and light, plus it's a Honda so should...
  15. Advice on Honda CB for restoration

    Non-Model Specific Honda Twin Topics
    Hi all I'm new to the forum, I'm looking for any advice on the Honda CB models. I have been looking for a model to restore to stock condition but I can't decide. I have never ridden a bike or worked on one but i am a diy car enthusiast, I have pretty much fallen in love with restoring a CB and...
  16. '72 CL350 Father & Son Restoration/Rebuild - Teenage sons first street bike

    Project Logs
    One of my three boys will be turning 16 in July. Texas law allows 15 year olds to drive a 250cc and below bike and then at 16 the restriction is dropped. Being a teenager in todays times means a lot of time spent in their room on social media, i.e. texting with girlfriend or on the x-box staring...
  17. 1978 CB250T Restore complete

    Pictures and Videos
    Well, more or less complete - i dont know if restorations are ever actually finished :-) Thanks for the help from all the posters at Hondatwins! This is a gopro video of a ride around sunny suburban Perth, Western Australia. Paul
  18. Best Way to Polish Crank Case

    Miscellaneous Discussion
    Hi everyone, I have a 73 cb350t with a bit of an oil leak (cb350 and oil leak may or may not be redundant). I rode it through the summer occasionally topping off the oil between changes, but a family friend has offered to give me a hand splitting the crank case to replace the gasket and see if...
  19. 1974 cb450 1st frame up restoration / renovaiton

    Pictures and Videos
    This is the first bike i bought 12 years ago. I got tired of fixing the little stuff and decided to dive off the deep end and restore and update everything. From new pistons to electric points to a custom touratech rack i welded up for my panniers. I'll always have this bike in my life.