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  1. Mufflers - 1982 CM450

    Miscellaneous Discussion
    Anyone find aftermarket mufflers for their CM450 that look like OEM/stock, and aren't much louder? I know this is the opposite of what most people are doing to their CM450s... switching up muffler styles and going with something louder. I laid the bike down in an accident and scraped up/bent...
  2. '76 CB360T Replacement Cam Chain Question

    Engine Discussion
    I'm in the middle of an engine build and am looking for educated opinions. It's a 1976 CB360T that never had the guide and slipper properly replaced (no punch marks on the engine serial number). Notice, I said properly replaced. They both broke at one point and rather than fish out the broken...
  3. CB350 throttle cable replacement

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    Hi all, does anyone have tips for removing the throttle cable from the carbs. Is it necessary to remove the carbs to do the job? Thanks Seebee350
  4. Starter Motor Question

    Project Logs
    Hello, I recently bought my first bike, a 1976 Honda CB200t. I am a plumber with a good mechanical background and a novice, yet growing, understanding of engines. i am currently trying to restore this bike to it's former glory. It's friday night and i have a hot date with an older japanese...
  5. Replacement Engine Bolt Placement?

    Engine Discussion
    Hey all, I recently ordered a stainless steel allen bolt set for a CB450 1972. The bolts look great but I'm not exactly sure where they're all supposed to go. I'm not sure I'd trust the bolts that are currently in the engine as they might have been replaced improperly to begin with :p 14...
  6. Simple headlight replacement on CL125?

    Electrical Discussion
    Trying to figure out the wiring for the headlight on my 68' CL125. Last owner blew the headlight (can't remember how..) and I have a new replacement. Know next to nothing about wiring but... should this really be that hard? Thought it would be be as simple as matching up the wires... Would...