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  1. Simple paintless gas tank dent repair, no special tools.

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    Here is a simple way to pop out dents in your gas tank without repainting. Save your original paint! Works most of the time. Try this before sanding, bondo and painting. Its worth a try.
  2. CD125 1984 Benly Carb Removal

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    Hi I have never done this before. Had a good look to see what's what to remove the carb from my bike. Not necessarily in the right order BUT this is what I think it will take.... Turn off the petrol and remove the fuel pipe. Unscrew and remove the choke assembly take off the fuel over flow...
  3. Removing seized and stripped JIS screws

    Tips And Tricks
    My first project to get to know my bike: replacing all the screws! I wrote up the escalating process I used to remove the seized and stripped ones here: Remove Seized & Stripped Screws from Motorcycle Engine Covers basically: Try JIS screwdriver with penetrating oil, then manual impact driver...
  4. Keyless?

    Electrical Discussion
    Hey Guys, First post so bare with me. As you guys know the 500t has the 5 wire ignition switch, doesn't look great if you're going for the cafe look. I'm ok with just having an On/Off switch somewhere on the bike, but don't want to just start randomly cutting these wires. I've looked at...
  5. Removing cm400a Stator For First Time?

    Engine Discussion
    i tried to browse youtube but all those tutorials seem to have the stator right in the inside of the engine cover. I tried unscrewing this bolt but the whole "flywheel?" rotates with it. I know i need to put a specialty honda puller in that slot at some point in the process but i thought i...
  6. 1980 CM400T Gas Tank Latch Lock Removal/Touch up paint

    Miscellaneous Discussion
    Jrobinson17 has been nice enough to let me buy his 1980 CM400T tank to replace my dented 1979. The only real issue is that he doesnt have the key so he cant ship it opened up for me. My bike is keyed to my ignition (factory) and so I was thinking I'd just take out mine and place it in his...
  7. Pulling the engine -- advice on storage?

    Project Logs
    I am just about to pull the engine on my 1982 CB450T so that I can repaint the frame and do a through exterior engine clean. This will be my first time stripping down a bike, so I wanted to make sure I didn't do anything stupid from ignorance (I do enough stupid stuff for other reasons!).:D...