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  1. Electrical Discussion
    I started the CM400 after two weeks of it sitting. It's been modded, but has ran fine till recently. Of course I'm feeling more comfortable with the mods and pushing the bike harder... This is the second time after about 30 min rides this has happened. Coming to a cold stop, at a light or...
  2. Electrical Discussion
    Hello all. I am new to the forum. Currently working on getting a buddy of mine's '74 CL360 up and running. With the bike hooked up to a battery tender, all lights and gauges work fine. If I try to start the bike with the electric start, the starter solenoid/magnetic switch makes a...
  3. Electrical Discussion
    I have a 69CL450, and I am installing a Relay Switch to run an 1000mA USB (iPhone) charger off of my bike (I found a good one here.) I am tapping into a black (blk = powered on with ignition on) wire near the starter magnetic switch (the upper right corner of the image I have attached) to #86...
1-3 of 3 Results