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  1. Exhaust & Re-jetting

    Engine Discussion
    Hi All, first and foremost I am new to the forum as well as new to the bike community. I was lucky enough to pick up a mint 81 CM400 with decent miles as a starter bike. Now my background comes from Cars, not much knowledge of Motorcycles which I have no problem learning. Now onto the real...
  2. What size jets for straight pipes

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    Hello everyone. Im sorry if this question has been answered already but I have been searching for a while and have not found a definite answer. I have a 1971 Cb175. I am installing straight pipes soon and would like to know what size jets i will have to run and what else i will have to do to...
  3. 1980 honda hawk rejetting ?

    Project Logs
    hello i have a 1980 honda hawk cb400t that im looking to stright pipe the bike and also put pod filters on it. i know you have to rejet the carbs, but not sure what size to go to..iv talked to people on here and they said people have done it on here but cant seem to find any posts of anyone...