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  1. Regulator/Rectifier comparisons?

    Electrical Discussion
    Can anyone give me a good comparison for Regular/Rectifier options with a 66 and a 67 CB450 K0? 12 volt stock electrical system. And a new wiring harness will be put into each bike. One of the bikes has burned through 2 stators I believe. I’ve bought a used stator to try out, and thought an...
  2. CB450SC Regulator/Rectifier replacement video

    Electrical Discussion
    Hello! Got my new R/R in the mail today, and did a video of me going through the process of replacing the stock one, as well as the battery. Its a bit on the longer side, but I wanted to be thorough and document the small hiccups in the installation I went through. Hopefully at some point or...
  3. Wire from regulator rectifier, which terminal does it go on?

    Electrical Discussion
    I have this extra wire coming out of the wiring harness that is continuous with the green wire in the regulator/rectifier plug. Where is it supposed to be connected? I can't find any mention of it online.
  4. cb360 Rectifier Upgrade

    Electrical Discussion
    As a newB, it took a lot of time to understand how to replace the rectifier. Now that I understand, wanted to summarize. This is just a summary of what is already posted here cheap regulator/rectifier upgrade! All the Credit should go to Nick and others. I've used their image for reference, as...
  5. Sparck Moto Regulator/Rectifier CM185T

    Electrical Discussion
    Hello All:: I'm wanting to connect the Sparck Moto single phase regulator to my CM185T. It came wired with the OEM type connector on the 4 "main wires" and a single black wire with a male bullet type connector. Where does the black connect on this install? I appreciate your help.
  6. 1974 CB360 Rewire / Regulator Options

    Electrical Discussion
    Hello all, I have a 1974 Honda CB360 with 2300 gentle original miles. I am going to totally rewire the entire bike and change some things around. I want to replace the stock regulator and rectifier with a modern quality unit R/R but I'm somewhat confused as to what to get, even after having...
  7. 1980 CM400T Battery upgrade; Mosfet vs Rick's R/R

    Electrical Discussion
    I'm building a cafe racer and need a smaller battery that I can mount anywhere. The bike is only electric start so I don't know how big of a battery I'll need either. Not sure whether to get Li-ion or AGM. Also, I'm assuming I'll need a new R/R to go with it. I've seen good things about Mosfet...
  8. 1973 Cb350 battery- leaking acid, charge at high revs?

    Project Logs
    Hi folks! I can't suggest enough the importance of cleaning connections to troubleshoot charging system. Learned this on the side of the road a few weeks ago. That said, connections are very clean and I'm now am getting a healthy reading of 12.7 when I just turn bike off, 13.5-14 at 2000rpms...
  9. CL360 Kick-only wiring with upgraded regulator/rectifier- help a noob!

    Electrical Discussion
    Hello! I'm in the process of wiring my CL360 from scratch, using this kick-only wiring diagram: But instead of the stock regulator and rectifier used in the diagram, I am doing the 3 terminal 12v15a Kohler regulator/rectifier upgrade that I found in another thread: which has 3 terminals...
  10. My Kohler R/R Upgrade: CB450 K5

    Electrical Discussion
    Hey guys, Just wanted to record the progress of my Kohler R/R upgrade. Got the idea courtesy of a stickied thread here. This is the R/R I purchased: Voltage Regulator for Kohler 25 755 03S 41 403 05 s 4140310s 4140309 41 403 09 | eBay I will be running an 8-cell Ballistic battery, so I'm...
  11. Yellow Wire from alt, rect, reg

    Electrical Discussion
    My Clymer manual has the yellow wire going from alt, reg, rect, all the way up to the "head light dimmer switch". There isn't, however, a yellow wire coming from my switch. The only unidentified wire coming from my head light dimmer switch is blue with a yellow stripe. Do I need a 4th connection...
  12. 1980 CM200T - Regulator/Rectifier WANTED

    Wanted Parts and Bikes
    Hello friends. I need that 6 volt regulator/rectifier unit for my 1980 CM200T. I've been trying to find one for a loooong time. Where the heck can I get one and are there suitable alternatives?? Please help someone. Thanks!!!!
  13. [ForSale] Unopened, Ricks Motorsport CB/CL350 Stator/Regulator/Rectifer. $200 shipped

    Parts For Sale
    BRAND NEW RICKS MOTORSPORT CB/CL350 STATOR REGULATOR RECTIFIER COMBO UNIT. $200 SHIPPED Bought it for $230 including shipping from Dime City and looking to get a little money out of it. Never got a chance to open it because I got into a car accident and broke my knee... so my beautiful CL350...