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  1. Regulator/Rectifier comparisons?

    Electrical Discussion
    Can anyone give me a good comparison for Regular/Rectifier options with a 66 and a 67 CB450 K0? 12 volt stock electrical system. And a new wiring harness will be put into each bike. One of the bikes has burned through 2 stators I believe. I’ve bought a used stator to try out, and thought an...
  2. CB450SC Regulator/Rectifier replacement video

    Electrical Discussion
    Hello! Got my new R/R in the mail today, and did a video of me going through the process of replacing the stock one, as well as the battery. Its a bit on the longer side, but I wanted to be thorough and document the small hiccups in the installation I went through. Hopefully at some point or...
  3. Wire from regulator rectifier, which terminal does it go on?

    Electrical Discussion
    I have this extra wire coming out of the wiring harness that is continuous with the green wire in the regulator/rectifier plug. Where is it supposed to be connected? I can't find any mention of it online.
  4. Extra wire on Rectifier for 1975 cb200 US?

    Electrical Discussion
    I'm rebuilding a 1975 US CB200 and when I pulled off to clean the rectifier, I noticed a red wire not connected to anything. Does anyone know if that is supposed to be that way or did it fall off. The electric diagram only shows 4 wires connected, which I have connected. But the red is a 5th...
  5. Is this my rectifier/female prongs

    Electrical Discussion
    Total newb here and I'm trying to learn more and work through bike problems. I have a 1970 CB350 that I recently purchased and have been working on. When tuning the carbs and then riding the bike the 12v Shorai has been drained too low to use the electronic ignition so I brought it in to get...
  6. CJ360t stalling after 20 minutes of running

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    I bought the 1976 CJ360t from a friend who rode the bike for a week or so, through a few states. No issues. I rode it around alleys to keep it running while I waited to take a course and get license, etc. Was fine. But recently it dies after about 15-20 mins of riding. I replaced the rectifier...
  7. CB200 not chargin.Help

    Electrical Discussion
    Hello Everyone, Before posting this, I have read a bunch of the posts and replies on this forum regarding Honda CB200 charging, and still have not been abel to diagnose my charging problem. I have come to the conclusion that I am simply missing something, so I do appreciate any and all input...
  8. electrical problem alternator cb 125cc 76

    Electrical Discussion
    I build a honda cb 125cc cafe racer. Everthing was working fine and did some test runs for about 10 kilometers and than some strange things happend. first the lights begin to flikker and than one by one the blown out than the motor didn't come up to speed and i could only drive in first or...
  9. CL77 Right cyl misfire unless battery fully charged OR battery charger connected

    Engine Discussion
    My son and I just purchased a CL77 as a project bike. Won't be a show bike but we'll make it a nice presentable rider. It is a project. When we purchased it the only way we could get it to idle smoothly or run smoothly was to have the seller keep the battery charger connected. When we'd run...
  10. CL360 Kick-only wiring with upgraded regulator/rectifier- help a noob!

    Electrical Discussion
    Hello! I'm in the process of wiring my CL360 from scratch, using this kick-only wiring diagram: But instead of the stock regulator and rectifier used in the diagram, I am doing the 3 terminal 12v15a Kohler regulator/rectifier upgrade that I found in another thread: which has 3 terminals...
  11. My Kohler R/R Upgrade: CB450 K5

    Electrical Discussion
    Hey guys, Just wanted to record the progress of my Kohler R/R upgrade. Got the idea courtesy of a stickied thread here. This is the R/R I purchased: Voltage Regulator for Kohler 25 755 03S 41 403 05 s 4140310s 4140309 41 403 09 | eBay I will be running an 8-cell Ballistic battery, so I'm...
  12. Yellow Wire from alt, rect, reg

    Electrical Discussion
    My Clymer manual has the yellow wire going from alt, reg, rect, all the way up to the "head light dimmer switch". There isn't, however, a yellow wire coming from my switch. The only unidentified wire coming from my head light dimmer switch is blue with a yellow stripe. Do I need a 4th connection...
  13. 1980 CM200T - Regulator/Rectifier WANTED

    Wanted Parts and Bikes
    Hello friends. I need that 6 volt regulator/rectifier unit for my 1980 CM200T. I've been trying to find one for a loooong time. Where the heck can I get one and are there suitable alternatives?? Please help someone. Thanks!!!!
  14. [ForSale] Unopened, Ricks Motorsport CB/CL350 Stator/Regulator/Rectifer. $200 shipped

    Parts For Sale
    BRAND NEW RICKS MOTORSPORT CB/CL350 STATOR REGULATOR RECTIFIER COMBO UNIT. $200 SHIPPED Bought it for $230 including shipping from Dime City and looking to get a little money out of it. Never got a chance to open it because I got into a car accident and broke my knee... so my beautiful CL350...