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  1. 74 CL200 (SUPER SLOW) project

    Miscellaneous Discussion
    As my name implies, I am Extremely new at this and thought I’d ask for help before I destroy Anything else on my new project. I’m currently attempting to install a Charlie’s place ignition system and ridding the bike of the points system. Right now I need Help in knowing what tools I would Need...
  2. 1978 honda cb400t hawk 2

    Project Logs
    Hello, I'm new to the forums and recently bought a 1978 cb400 hawk for $325. The exhaust is rusty but it does run. I already bought a new oil filter as I plan to change the oil soon. I also cleaned the inside of the gas as it was rusty. I plan to turn this into a nice cafe racer style bike. I...
  3. North Atlanta CB360 Build

    Project Logs
    Hello everyone! Welcome to my CB360 Build Some background info: I recently purchased a CB360 in relatively decent condition. I was told it was running before I went to pick it up. When the previous owner went to start it, it ran for a few seconds then died. He couldn't get it started again...
  4. 1980 CM400T to Cafe Racer. First Bike, First project.

    Project Logs
    Hello all, I am new to the forum but have been viewing it for the past few weeks. I have just purchased a beautiful 1980 CM400T which I intend to turn into a cafe racer (more for the style than the performance). My intended modifications are: Drag handlebars, pods (I know they don't offer this...
  5. '75 CB360 Project Bike

    Project Logs
    Just wanted to introduce myself to the Honda Twins community along with my current project bike! This is Joe here, unfortunately I don't have pics of the bike before I already started some work on it. I did purchase it running. It did not have a seat that fit on the bike (you'll see the pics...
  6. 1982 CM450E Jonny Valor Project

    Project Logs
    About a month ago I purchased a 1982 CM450E with ~30K miles. I've heard many people say these engines don't do well at high miles, but I'm going to take the risk and build my dream cruiser. My short term goals are to get the bike street legal and safe. So far I've replaced the front brake...