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  1. New Rider:Honda CB500F ABS 2013. What do you think?

    Non-Model Specific Honda Twin Topics
    Hello all, New member/rider here and had a question about the CB500f and thought I would get some advice from the experienced riders. I am sure it has been asked before but cannot find the related threads. I am kind of new to biking and just finished MSF course this weekend. Was wondering...
  2. 1970 Honda CB175, is it worth a $1,000?

    Found For Sale
    So I recently came across a gentleman who is selling a 1970 Honda CB175. He is asking a $1,000 for it and I've been thinking of investing into it. This would be my first bike so I'm just getting into bikes and what to look for when purchasing from Private Party. But I'm just not believing that...
  3. what is a good price for a 1972 CL350?

    Miscellaneous Discussion
    Hello, this will be my first bike and restoration, i posted a wanted ad on CL and someone offered be there 1972 CL350 for $500, he says that all it needs is a new battery and a good carb cleaning and since im really new to this i was just wondering if this is a good price? thanks for the...