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  1. Electrical Discussion
    My 76' CB360t is unresponsive despite a full battery charge and new fuses. I'd had issues for a while due to an improper headlight (H4 55/65W) but just replaced it with a new H4 35/35W. In tracking down that power draw I'd replaced the rectifier/regulator with the Sparck "12V Single Phase...
  2. Electrical Discussion
    Hello everybody! I've been doing a load of research on my problem but haven't been able to figure it out, so I made an account to ask for help! A little backstory - I bought this bike nearly 2 years ago and it ran (rough but still ran). I didn't even ride it before I started tearing it apart...
  3. Electrical Issues
    I have no spark on the left cylinder. I have replaced points, condenser, and coils. I have noticed that while one set of points has power when the ignition is "on", the other doesn't have power. Should both of them have power? Thanks for any help you might be able to offer.
1-3 of 3 Results