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  1. Engine Discussion
    Ridin with Justice is an adventure. Keeping an old 1972 CB450 running is a challenge. This millennial rider is really hard engines and pistons.
  2. Engine Discussion
    I have just bought some genuine Honda piston rings to put in my CB350. This is my first time doing an engine rebuild and Im confused as to which ring is the first and which is the second ring. I understand the oil rings that go at the bottom of the piston, the top compression rings one is...
  3. Parts For Sale
    I have a few CB450 and CB500T parts for sale. All prices are OBO, plus shipping. I have more pictures of each of the parts. Email or PM me and I can get you more pictures. [email protected] 1972 CB450 Carbs: They were pulled of a non running bike (engine was locked up.) So I have never had...
  4. Engine Discussion
    I have a CL350K4 that I am rebuilding (with alot of help from my friend) and I need to pick up a new set of pistons. The cylinders are stock and have never been bored out. I want to replace them with stock sized pistons. I noticed numbers on the ones that I took out. What do those numbers mean...
  5. Engine Discussion
    Decided to crack my engine open on my 1970 cb350 twin after a few oil leaks led me to needing to replace gaskets. The right side of the engine always had a problem firing, and now looking at the pistons, i'm curious if there has been too much damage done. I've newby on all of this, so...
1-5 of 5 Results