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  1. Project Logs
    Can anyone measure cb400t piston rings thickness? Where i live piston rings for my 1980 cb400n cost 65$ per set for one cylinder. I'm looking for rings from other motorcycles but i don't know how thick piston rings should be, in manual there is only clearance between ring and groove but no...
  2. Miscellaneous Discussion
    Hi! need some advice. Doing a top engine «rebuild» if you can call it that. Upon removing soot and carbon from the top and pistons I noticed some brown/copper ish coloring on the sides. No sign of scratchs on the sides inside the cylinder barrels. Bike ran OK before dissasembly, except some...
  3. Parts For Sale
    This was mislabled as a 175 in the description when I ordered it, it's actually a 160 piston. NOS, comes in its box still sealed in bag, with a set of rings for it. Doesn't include wrist pin. Make me an offer!
  4. Wanted Parts and Bikes
    Hey all, im looking for a Piston for a 1983 450. Ive searched the web and cant come up with anything. Anyone selling one? if anything i will be searching for a new 450 engine. Thanks, johnny
  5. Miscellaneous Discussion
    Justice gets his 1972 Honda CB450 put back together after some serious engine problems and technical difficulties. He can't wait to take it for a Test Drive on a cold spring day.
  6. Engine Discussion
    I paid a local shop to do some top end work on my CB360. They installed the cam chain tensioner wrong (prove it amirite?!) The tensioner snapped both the metal tabs on top and bottom off and are currently floating around in my engine. I'll be rebuilding the engine myself this time, but I'm...
  7. Engine Discussion
    My son has shown some interest in the older Hondas so we found one about an hour away. Checked it out, no smoking, no leaking, idled good, oil looked good and it felt good on the test ride. We bought it and insured and registered it. Got on it to take it to a closed parking lot for him to...
  8. Wanted Parts and Bikes
    Any help sourcing or alternatives for CB175 Fork Pistons - 51442-216-010
  9. Engine Discussion
    Hello All, I have very little experience working on motors so I decided to take a running 1973 CL175 apart (I have a lot of experience being dumb). Now I need some help (Surprise!) Compression was really low, ordered .50 oversized pistons and had it bored out. Easy Peasy. I'm looking at...
  10. Engine Discussion
    I am looking for a set of pistons to go in my CB360, which is in need of being bored out. Any ideas on how well these pistons for a Yamaha xt225 might work in the cb360? They have a bore size of 70mm and the wrist pins have a diameter of 16mm. However, they are shorter in height. In theory...
  11. Engine Discussion
    Hi all, This is my first exercise in motorcycle mechanics and I'm pretty excited. I bought this bike last year and rode it for the summer. In August it puttered out of me at half-power and I new that one of the pistons was not functioning. On inspection as you can see there is a big ol'...
  12. Engine Discussion
    Hi, I've been working on my 78 CB400T2 and recently had the valves re-seated and cylinders honed. I got the pistons all cleaned up and as I was putting the new piston rings on, one of them broke. It was the middle ring. For now, I used the old piston ring as a substitute, as it was still...
  13. Engine Discussion
    I'm a new member and have started a few cb projects. Currently, I have (2) cb350, and (1) cb100 engine torn down. One of the 350's is a K0, the other is a K4. I'm at the point of all of these where I need to make a decision what needs to take place with the pistons, rings, and cylinder walls...
  14. Engine Discussion
    Hi there. I have a broken piston that I need to replace on my K3. However, I don't know what to buy. I see listings that note different sizes, so I'm not sure what I need. Here are a couple of pics of what I have. Thanks in advance!
  15. Engine Discussion
    Decided to crack my engine open on my 1970 cb350 twin after a few oil leaks led me to needing to replace gaskets. The right side of the engine always had a problem firing, and now looking at the pistons, i'm curious if there has been too much damage done. I've newby on all of this, so...
1-15 of 15 Results